What is Anger? LISAonthego

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What is anger? LISAonthego feels it as an intense emotion in the gut. The body reacts. It could shake, get a knot in the stomach, bring up more emotions and the ego chatter mind talks and talks, we could also cry, yell and the list of our reactions goes on. Everyone is different.

LISAonthego had this emotion today, it felt like rage. It’s not about others, it’s about LISAonthego reacting to a situation. This is an ongoing situation and when the situation came upon her mind she was raged and tears flowing.

What is Anger? LISAonthego

What is Anger? LISAonthego
What is Anger? LISAonthego

Why? Because it’s one of those life lessons that is repeating and she doesn’t know how to do it differently. The ego chattering talking mind is no help, it keeps going in circles without answers and continually stirs unnecessary emotions.

What to do?

LISAonthego needs to calm down, get quiet and go within. She needs to find what feels right for her and a different solution than the past that hasn’t worked. This situation is about relationships for her and taking things personally. Truthfully taking it personally is no help.

As LISAonthego is writing the blog the answer is coming up for her and it is to be her, stay in her power, find her peace and be her.

You know when life is super busy and you don’t have time and life seems to fall into place. This is the answer for her. The situation is about LISAonthego it's being done for her and not to her. So, she needs to be her, don’t take what others are saying and being quiet. She is to speak up with facts, not stories and drama, be in her peace and know she is loving her. If they’re giving the one-liner comments, digs, criticizing, LISAonthego could acknowledge these by using humor or facts and not having an emotional attachment. Just be her sweet, loving, caring self. Then others won’t affect her negatively.

She also has choices go late, leave early or limit the time. Not being in their company is saying you don’t want a relationship and severing relationships, this doesn’t work. This has long time consequences and repercussions to everyone.

In the above situation for LISAonthego, it's about relationships and a lifelong lesson that she is to be loving to her by being her.

I am that I am and that is what I am.

What LISAonthego does know with this is a repeating lesson, nothing stays the same, you change, people change, circumstances, events, and situations change. Learn to be you, move forwards and allow life.

Anger could be triggered by many things in our lives. It's knowing what the anger is for you.

What is the issue that is unresolved for you? When the anger first occurs it’s about the story and drama, but this happened, he said, she said, I said, we did and yes this could be true. Ultimately, it’s about you, your judgment and interpretation that you decided upon.

In the moment of the anger, it’s so difficult to see others and ourselves clearly. Wait for the emotions to pass, then go within and acknowledge the anger, the pain issue for you. When it’s us acknowledging the anger, we will calm down, see or feel the issues and how to do it differently next time.

LISAonthego calls this taking control in your own power. Being proactive in who you are, growing and moving forward in life.

Remember your answer is for you, it’s about you and you know you, so you have the answer for you. The answer doesn’t come upon during the anger it’s when you are quiet, distracted and surrender. This is called growth.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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