Do you Talk or Listen to your Thoughts?

What is the difference? Ego Says Listen and the Spiritual Heart Says Talk. They are both our thoughts and LisaOnTheGo calls this Talk Thoughts.

Ego says listen to your thoughts. The ego loves talking to us, they are our thoughts and always right, it never has a true answer and talks us into and out of everything. It is that perpetual thought circle with no beginning or end. The ego has us believing we can’t live without it and in fact, complicates our lives. When LisaOnTheGo listens to her ego talk thought the stories and dramas go on and on with negative thoughts and a no-win situation. The egotistical thoughts could be so mean and cruel that we wouldn’t ever talk to someone else that way and yet we find it acceptable to talk to ourselves this way. This gives the Ego power over us when we are listening to it.

(video below)

The Spiritual heart says talk to you.

Talk to you, really, why?

LisaOnTheGo could have the negative thoughts, stories, drama when talking to herself and she could now stop her talking thoughts to being positive. LisaOnTheGo is learning to talk to her with understanding, loving and compassion. She gets to stop that talk thought in the middle of the talk thought to be positive. It is what she wants in her own world. LisaOnTheGo talk thoughts are being more positive, loving, kind and compassionate etc. and these thoughts whether positive or negative makes her world.

Talk thoughts have energy that manifests to what LisaOnTheGo wants in her life and it shows up in her world. Maybe not exactly how she envisioned or thinks about it but it does influence her path.

We get to choose our talk thoughts LisaOnTheGo is in control and has the power. This is empowering her to be who she wants to be and is the be the best she could be. She could change the negative talk thoughts to positive talk thoughts; reinforces the positives with affirmations and this is a win-win outcome. 

Stop the ego mind-chattering talk thought in the middle of your talk and change those thoughts to positive. This is easier to say, hard to do and lots of practice. No one is perfect, we are human, be patient and kind to yourself.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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