Not Feeling Well? What to do?

Not Feeling Well?

Not Feeling Well?
Not feeling well?

We all have a day when we are not feeling well. Are you having one of those days, not feeling well? LisaOnTheGo is not feeling well today. On these days when not feeling well what bothers her is the way her mind thinks. It goes off into tangents. Her mind goes racing and into negative thoughts. It talks constantly and plays into not feeling well and goes on and on.

(Listen to the video below.)

Then LisaOnTheGo is tired.

She is tired, from what? Tired of not feeling well? The ego mind hasLisaOnTheGo on a merry-go-round during these times. Her mind just keeps going with no beginning, no end, and no solution. In these times she is to rise above this ego mind and put herself in the #spiritual heart-mind. Yes, this is much easier said than done, it takes concentration, effort, and energy. However once done, it feels great and this is the part to remember.

What to do, Change your thoughts and focus into your Spiritual Heart?

How do you go into the spiritual heart-mind? The very first most important thing for LISAonthego is to change her thoughts; Change her mind to being positive, being grateful and appreciative. By doing this it helps her to change her energy. Here is list is a few of the thingsLisaOnTheGo does:

  1. Read her daily affirmations.
  2. Refocus her thoughts and do a meditation or yoga
  3. She visualizes people and/or things she loves (children, family, friends animals, tree, birds, pond, nature, mountains, beach) and brings them to her heart, get that feeling sensation of love that puts a smile on her face
  4. LisaOnTheGo puts off taking medicines thinking (depending on scale of how she is feeling) and knows she will feel better and is learning just take the medicine because once she feels better this helps tremendously
  5. She takes a walk to just get out, remove herself from where she is and takes in the fresh air, Mr. Tucker loves this too
  6. LisaOnTheGo will go for a massage, relieve the stress and tension
  7. Meet a friend or call one on the phone
  8. Watch a movie
  9. Have something healthy to eat
  10. Loving herself by doing something good for her (cooking, walking, etc)

Its different for everyone what works for you? Write a list so it is with you for these times of not feeling well.

In conclusion forLisaOnTheGo, it is the ego mind to concentrate on other things. When the stories and dramas start, it is time to change her thoughts. The quickest and easiest for her is affirmations, telling herself: she can do this, she is awesome, she is wonderful, smart, funny, sexy, her own best friend, she is doing a great job and keep repeating it. By repeating the affirmations the ego mind forgets everything because it is concentrating how awesome she is and then taking an action, doing something to keep the momentum going. The next she knows time has gone by and she is feeling better, smiling, giggling and enjoying her day.



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