Thoughts Do They Impact Us? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Thoughts Do They Impact Us? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Thoughts Do They Impact Us? LisaOnTheGo Blog
Thoughts Do They Impact Us? LisaOnTheGo Blog

It appears this has been a tough week for some people. Is it the black moon? A black moon is when two new moons in the same month occur. The new moon represents new beginnings and opening the door for a change. This is the time cultivate, create and manifest what we want in our lives. LisaOnTheGo says this is the time we reflect within ourselves and our thoughts that could impact our lives. With the black moon in existence, this is influencing us to decide what we truly want.  This looks like to be a tough time for some and yet pushes us to who we want to be.

The theory is you have an emotion that starts the thoughts process within us to project (manifest) to our reality of life. 

This is a hard concept to understand. LisaOnTheGo has some friends teaching her how thoughts impact our lives unbeknownst to them.

How do thoughts impact our lives?

Sunshine is terminally ill and has been for over ten years. What an amazing soul and teacher. Her thoughts are like no other LisaOnTheGo has ever met or encountered. Three weeks ago she fell and hurt her ankle that spiraled her body out of control, and was in the hospital for 2+ weeks. LisaOnTheGo visited often.

Sunshines attitude and thoughts are: life is precious, She says I am not ready to die, it will be against my will. The doctors and nurses kept telling, her numbers are really bad, you are truly an ill person and you won't survive this episode. You are going to die. Sunshine would tell them it's not my choice. I shower daily, make my bed, feed myself, walk a mile a day here and sitting up and talking to you. They still didn't believe her and would call the psych ward they would try to tell her that she not going to survive.

Sunshine would say to her friends and family they don't know me. Her Chemo medication usage was exceedingly high and she would refuse all, yes, all pain medications. Sunshine would say if I don't have sound thoughts, then I can't make the right choices for me. LISAonthego wouldn't believe this either however she experienced this as it is happening. 

Thoughts they do impact us

Sunshine's thoughts are I am well! I could do this! I got this! I am okay! I am healthy! I have amazing family and friends that help and support me. This is how I do it! I have my thoughts, negative thoughts are not allowed to enter and when they do I press the delete button. Its okay the blood level numbers are off, I feel my body is fighting and I am doing my job. Sunshine would say this all day long to whoever visited and you are now cheerleading along with her.

It's now morning, Sunshine is telling her doctor I am leaving and going home tomorrow. This is incredible, the doctors say you are not supposed to be here, you were to die last week. Sunshine says no I am not dying and tells him I am going home.

LisaOnTheGo says to herself, you don't understand the power of our thoughts. LisaOnTheGo wishes she could say to the doctors and staffs, stop telling her she is dying, we all are and tell her she is doing great, you could do this! You have an awesome attitude, thoughts matter more than you know.

Its now the next day and Sunshine is home, resting on the couch, talking, visiting with family/friends and working. Yes working!!! The hospital's attitude was to let her go home to die. (Were they ever wrong, this blog is being updated over a year later and Sunshine is doing well and being told you are dying, lol, she says not today. LisaOnTheGo says our thoughts have power over our minds, just watch and listen to Sunshine, incredible).

What? LisaOnTheGo is amazed to see and watch how our thoughts impact our lives it could be from moment to moment or day to day, or week to week, etc. Sunshine is an angel teaching and guiding so many of us.

The power of thoughts is an energy that is unmeasurable! What are your thoughts today? You could do it!!! 

Sunshine, LisaOnTheGo appreciates your friendship and teachings more than you will ever know. YOU EMPOWER OTHERS!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!

**update Sunshine rarely takes pain medicines, she wants her thoughts to have clarity for the best decisions to be made. LIsaOnTheGo is amazed how she compartmentalizes the pain and controls her thoughts to get through the day or moment. LisaOnTheGo thinks this is why she is with us her goal is in teaching us about our thoughts. Our thoughts create our world.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

originally posted in 2016 & 2017

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