Judgments LisaOnTheGo Blog

Judgments LisaOnTheGo Blog

Judgments LisaOnTheGo Blog
Judgments LisaOnTheGo Blog

LisaOnTheGo Judgments. It is human nature that we judge others and ourselves.

We all think we are right in our judgments too. It is what we think and feel. We are so quick to judge that we don’t always have the facts until others are judging us.

Then we feel wait, you don’t understand, you don’t have the whole story. Have you walked this path? LisaOnTheGo doesn’t see the whole picture of all her stories, dramas and judgments. It is one of her lessons in life to learn about her. LisaOnTheGo doesn’t know herself, how could you? What makes you think you are so right? And then get so angry with LisaOnTheGo on your thoughts. #LisaOnTheGo has learned some things; one she chooses her peace above all else and to L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/lisaonthego-lide/ her stories, drama, and judgments. Also judging others is for her to look at herself. 

LisaOnTheGo had a judgment about someone on their addiction habits. LisaOnTheGo felt she is so right about them.Then #LisaOnTheGo laughs at herself and realizes this is not about them it is about herself. We all have addictions. LisaOnTheGo interpretation of addiction is taking an action that speaks to us. Its what we think feels good for us and resonates, like, smoking, drinking, eating, working, cleaning, exercising and the list goes on and on. None of us are perfect then again what is perfect?

LisaOnTheGo has made many mistakes, judgments and is learning to be with her spiritual mind to forgive others and her.

Forgiveness = forgiving you or myself for everything I didn't know, see or do.

Getting to know LisaOnTheGo is truly forgiving herself and acknowledging who she is, not what she is, who she is: smart, sexy, loves being her own best friend, loves and likes her children, kind, loving, caring, supportive, loves being with people, working, computers, marketing etc, etc. Learning to stop the judgments and be who she is and you are no longer defining others, LisaOnTheGo defines who she is, how about you?

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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