Holidays, just met, Why don’t you like me? LisaOnTheGo Blog      

Holidays, just met, Why, don’t you like me? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Holidays, just met, Why, don’t you like me? LisaOnTheGo Blog
Holidays, just met, Why don’t you like me? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Just met, why don’t you like me? it’s the holiday season and it’s the time of year for networking, parties, and celebrations. It’s also the awkward time of year that spouses, friends or partners are required to take you to these events. You are the outsider.

Typically, we don’t know our spouses and partner’s, co-workers, bosses, business affiliates and yet we are required to socialize and be the person everyone loves.

However, this is not reality, its uncomfortable for everyone. Our partners or spouses could be telling everyone about their lives or they have lifestyle choices that aren’t acceptable or saying nothing at all. We truly don’t know how our spouses/partners represent their lives. An example: Imagine being Christian Grey or Anastasia Steel

Now you are at these events and you being the outsider is not fitting in and you don’t know why?

Here are some reasons:

  1. Talking politics or religion
  2. Talking loudly (we don’t know how loud our voices could be or carry)
  3. You are a know it all, you know everything and have the answers
  4. Talking about the drama and stories in your life
  5. You drank too much
  6. Someone’s gossip or judgments of you has affected others
  7. We talk about our personal lives that we assume our spouse/partners tell everyone or no one about

Remember these events are not about you or for you.

Here are some suggestions what to do:

  1. Be everyone’s best friend
  2. Make people feel good about themselves and ask about them
  3. Be light, smile and giggle
  4. Have fun
  5. Talk about the amazing food, weather, compliment clothing, jewelry, smile
  6. Cell phones shall be hidden and yet on hand
  7. Avoid heavy, tear-jerking topics by excusing yourself, (have your phone with you I am awaiting this text, the bar area is available to get a drink, restroom, dance etc.)
  8. Spouse and partners shall be nearby or next to you so you don’t feel excluded
  9. Have a plan with your spouse/partner to divert negativity in the job or personally
  10. Subtly, network minimally
  11. Dancing is the best diversion for your partner/spouse                                                                                                  

These events are not about you or for you and yet they could affect you. #LisaOnTheGo has learned to be light, giggle and smile a lot.

Be everyone’s best friend and yet no one’s friend.

This helps #LisaOnTheGo be in the moment, in her peace and have a great time.

Good Luck to you.

Happy Holidays, Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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