Happy New Years 2017-2018, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Happy New Years 2017-2018, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Happy New Years 2017-2018, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Happy New Years 2017-2018, LisaOnTheGo Blog

A reflection for #LisaOnTheGo

#LisaOnTheGo at times in 2017 was in her ego mind and experienced some the negativity in the below chart. Most of these common for most of us and time to review, recognize and surrender. Today is a day to forgive others and herself. To learn and let it go. This is being human and controlling what we can with our actions and thoughts.

Moving Forwards for #LisaOnTheGo

LisaOnTheGo is choosing to move forward to, be out of her ego mind and into the spiritual heart. She is learning to change her thoughts to be positive to reflect the words in the chart below for 2018 and be in her peace. Action sets the motion from intention to feeling to thoughts to manifestation (action) to reality. 

Come join LisaOnTheGo on her ambitions for the New Year of 2018. What do you want to bring forth in your life? What are your new endeavors? What do you want to change, bring forth and are your thoughts?

Remember you don't like what you are thinking, in that moment change your thoughts to what you do want and watch it transpire.

Have an awesome New Years, Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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