Past Impact You?

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Past impact you? LisaOnTheGo Blogger, Some say yes and some say no.

The no answer is for those that have the mental attitude the past is done, it’s gone and over. The past serves no purpose it was what it was and it's done. Time to move forward. Doesn’t work forLisaOnTheGo. She likes to understand her life, to learn and move forward.

Her ego chatter, talking minds spends a lot of time on her past. It keeps spinning the stories and dramas, playing the scenarios over and over again. Imagine if she was free from the past and no thoughts of yesterday and how much time her ego chatter mind would have to be even more creative.

What has come into LisaOnTheGo paths and recognition recently is resolving her past. The ego chatter ego mind keeps the past stories and drama going. Along with her feelings of these lessons that make them her own. Her own interpretations, her own feelings, her own stories and makes her who she is. These stories are her memories. Some good and some bad no one has a perfect life here.

On most spiritual paths, it is believed your past is in your past and serves no purpose. In LisaOnTheGo's world, she has had some repetitions of lessons in her life. The lesson or patterns are always the same, however, the situation, people or events are not. Therefore, it’s not easy to pinpoint when it's occurring.

At some point during the drama and stories the similarities appear and by going within she recognizes some of the patterns or lesson to be learned. Eventually, it does come full circle. Some of the lessons have been a lifetime to this point in her life and some much shorter. There is no concept of time to understanding our lessons, some are truly thought about and heavy on her mind and some are simple that goes by. The tougher lessons for LisaOnTheGo has had many stories with the ands and buts.

LisaOnTheGo Resolving her Past, how?

By LisaOnTheGo recognizing she is experiencing a lesson or a similar situation or an event is occurring. At these times in her life, she has those feelings about herself, she goes within herself and she stops spinning the stories and the ego mind chatter.LisaOnTheGo is learning to say STOP, enough, no more ego chattering mind. She questions what is happening in her life and asks herself questions and then recognizes she has been here before. This has been a recurring story or event and she asks herself what did she do the last time that worked to put the drama and stories to rest? She answers herself and the ego is upset because all the stories in her mind have now stopped.

LisaOnTheGo asks herself what did she do last time that successfully worked that put the stories and drama to rest?

LOL, see its simple and yet complex. The answer is what did you do last time that successfully worked is how to put it to rest? Our lessons keep appearing until we learn the lesson for us and to successfully change the outcome. Each time the lesson, situation or event occurs we now simply recall what has worked in our past.

Our past is our answer to the present moment that effects our future as well.

LisaOnTheGo loves this and so simple and yet complex. So, next time you have that known feeling what you are experiencing, stop, go within and ask yourself what has worked in the past? Do it and move forward in your life peacefully.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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