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Momentum LisaOnTheGo Blogger.

Momentum is what has #LisaOnTheGo go. It's like a roller-coaster with the ups and downs. Did you ever notice when you are in the zone, focused and with all your energy that life flows easier? It's being in the moment and it just works. Then in the next moment, you are not in the zone, life appears more difficult and next you know you are at the bottom of the roller coaster.

Just like that the ups and downs of life.

It's not good nor bad; it just is. These ups and downs are the flow of life. The down times are the times to go within, learn, change and the up times are reaping the rewards from the work we had done. When we are coasting in life, life is good. We are at the moment of the ups and downs of life and it is working with us. Wow,LisaOnTheGo has been on this flow and has been on the bottom of the ride. She has been reflecting, going within in; what is next? And just like that, she has a thought and it is the inner push, the inner force that starts that uphill motion and the momentum starts going.

LisaOnTheGo momentum is learning to coast more in life with the little bumps and hiccups and not the huge strive of the ride going up and down. By doing the activities and tools on and working on it daily it keeps her coasting. Recognizing what is important and where she wants to go. She loves the professional experts on the website that reinforces her life path. The websites momentum of her daily work has her reading, re-reading, watching and listening to the expert professionals daily.

LisaOnTheGo is letting you know you make an effect on her life. She is thankful and appreciative for your time and professionalism. Come join today and impact your life today with

Lol, love this play on the word of momentum = Moment – um. UM, are you on your way up or down the rollercoaster ride in your life?

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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