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Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger. LisaOnTheGo is so good at telling stories in her mind. You know the continuous stories with all the glories and emotions.

How about you? It happens to all of us it is the nature of the mind. Stories are stories they tell the events of an occurrence and it doesn’t resolve anything. The stories continue in our minds with; they said, I said, he said, she said and what if I did xyz. You tell the story again and again in your mind on all the angles. However, this keeps the story alive, a story has energy and the next thing you know a different story occurs with the same issue and again. Why because the now the story has power.

Our stories occur at different times, no rhymes, no reason, it just happens.

We aren’t even aware until months or even years later when we have had enough and take the time to sit quietly and go within. Then at this point starts the healing process start and we start taking the power back.

We L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) this situation, comment or event to find our peace.

Take that story occurring in your life right now. Label it, identify it, describe the emotion and let it go. This is you taking your power back and understanding for you the story. Lets do this together. Take the story you could keep telling yourself and go to the charts below. Choose the chart that resonates for you for this L.I.D.E. Now label your story, now identify it, and now describe the emotion. Now you understand what this story means to you, you now have the power over the story and not the story having power over you. This works amazingly well and helps to bring peace into your life.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo    

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