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Joanna Chodorowska is a sports nutrition coach, intuitive healer, and competitive athleteAs an athlete herself, she knows the importance of nutrition for a healthier, more fit athlete. She helps you incorporate healthier options that she has also tried herself.
The challenges endurance athletes have with food choices, training twice a day, dehydration, race day nutrition, and time constraints.

If you want raw food, vegan, gluten free, balanced macro nutrients needs or an anti-inflammatory plan, Joanna can help you combine the right choices for your busy schedule to help you reach your full performance potential!

In 2000, Joanna herself developed adrenal exhaustion as a result of too much stress (physical (Ironman training), mental (demanding work, new boss, new home, stolen car, etc), chemical (processed foods, smog when running and cycling) and emotional (break up of a ‘perfect’ relationship, new home, family issues).  Her diet consisted of Clif bars and coffee to keep her able to continue training twice a day. But Chronic fatigue was not something for which she had prepared herself. She had just completed her first Ironman USA Triathlon in 1999 and now could hardly get out of bed, let alone walk without her heart rate spiking to 80% of max. With a change in nutrition, lifestyle and how she dealt with stresses, along with the help of her alternative physician, she was able to repair years of damage to her health caused by stress and poor eating. (you mean Clif bars are not nutritious?)

The body is amazing – it can heal from any malaise; give it the proper tools (nutrition is one of those tools) and it will heal.This catapulted Joanna into the field of nutrition where she now helps athletes and non-athletes become more healthy through changing their eating habits as they becoming aware of how they feel eating certain foods.

During her bout with adrenal exhaustion, she suffered from PMS, headaches, GI distress, bloating, gas, indigestion, IBS, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, hypoglycemia, depression, gluten intolerance, reflux, fatigue, muscle aches, difficulty breathing and dehydration to mention a few. With all these symptoms and conditions as something she has experienced, Joanna can help her clients better understand their issues and how to resolve them easier.

In 2012, Joanna was diagnosed with a degenerative hip condition which required surgery. During this time of great pain and discomfort, Joanna used Nutrition Response Testing to help identify inflammatory components of her diet. She also perfected the anti-inflammatory diet and achieved no pain status 10 days before surgery. She learned you CAN indeed eliminate pain by changing your foods!

She also learned to savor the things she could do, not depress herself with what she could not.  The Path To Heal sessions also alleviated sub conscious emotions which held onto the pain.

Joanna incorporates all sorts of modalities:

including local/ seasonal foods, ancestry, blood type, raw, vegan, omnivore, Paleo, anti-inflammatory and alkalizing plans, juicing and The Path To Heal to work with her clients.

Joanna looks at the body as a whole including the mental, emotional and chemical stresses one may be experiencing.  She understands the needs of athletes from hydration, sports nutrition, nutrient timing, recovery meals, battling fatigue and endurance training.
She wants to help you before you develop a similar condition!

To schedule an appointment, call Joanna at 215-272-6774. Change your nutrition….change your life!

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