What is Meditation? by Beth Brotz

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  • INTRODUCTION & WHAT IS GUIDED MEDITATION - FREE CLIP! Beth Brotz gives an awesome, detailed, informative and sample of What is Guided Meditation.
  • Breath #1It's a basic breath meditation. This is good for beginners who are learning how to watch their breath as they start practicing on their own.
  • Letting Go of What You Don't Need #2"Letting Go of What You Don't Need."  This meditation teaches the listener how to release difficult, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
  • Cultivating Positive Emotion #3Cultivating a Positive Emotion Guided Meditation. the ability to focus and free yourself from the craziness your mind puts you through all the time.
  • Body Relaxation #4 - This meditation will help you learn to develop awareness about how your physical body is connected to your emotions. As we let go of tension and tightness in various parts of our bodies, we can also let go of the difficult emotions that underlie these sensations.
  • LovingKindness: Yourself #5A traditional Buddhist Loving kindness practice includes focusing good energy on other people as well ourselves. But at times we need to focus more energy just on ourselves in order to be able to give to others. This meditation is an extended Loving kindness practice that gives you the opportunity to really pay attention to your own happiness, well-being, and peace.
  • Impermanence #6 - An introduction to the Buddhist psychology concept of impermanence. We can learn to allow the good things in life to come and go so that we don’t cling to them, and we can also let the bad things in life come and go so that we don’t fixate on them and thereby cause ourselves additional suffering. This meditation includes a visualization practice that will help you broaden your perspective.
  • Compulsive Eating #7A Meditative Approach to Compulsive Eating. Go deeper than dieting and become more mindfully aware of the reasons why you overeat sometimes.  The issue is often not about the food; it’s about the difficult emotions we all experience but want to avoid feeling and acknowledging.  This meditation gives you a new tool try before eating.
  • Tapping into Your Spiritual Self #8 
  • S.T.O.P. (for Children too) #9 This is a short lesson and introduction to meditation for younger people.
  • Mindful Eating Meditation #10This lesson and meditation teach you a new way to eat.  You will learn to be mindful and slow down when eating, which lets you both enjoy your food more and be less likely to overeat.
  • Shifting Perspective #11An introduction to managing life’s challenges more skillfully by looking at them differently. We often can’t change what’s going on in life, but we can change our outlook and responses to it. This meditation includes a visualization technique that will help you develop a more expansive perspective on your problems.
  • Who Are You? #12Too often we completely identify with our roles in life - what we do, who we are related to, and how we look, for example: hese are limiting beliefs, and they hold us back from seeing our inherent wholeness and “okay-ness.”  When you learn how you may be defining yourself in limiting ways, you can start to drop those labels, identities, and limits and open yourself up to your larger, spiritual self.
  • Concentration Practice #13A lesson in basic meditation at its simplest, but with guidance and help to keep you focused and on track.
  • Compassion #14A lesson and meditation to use when you are going through difficult times.
  • Working with Pain #15 - A lesson and meditation to use when you are experiencing physical discomfort or pain.
  • Gratitude #16 -Gratitude is a key component of any spiritual practice and is the foundation of true happiness. Use this meditation to kick-start a daily gratitude practice.
  • Buddhist Metta #17 - This is a variation on the full Buddhist Loving kindness practice, also called “Metta.” This is a powerful practice and a cornerstone of Buddhist psychology. When you practice this daily, over time your perspectives on yourself and others will change, which will, in turn, change your experience of life.




The Dalai Lama has said that although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way. Peace must first be developed within an individual, and once it is, he or she is then able to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. This atmosphere can be expanded and extended from the individual to his friends and family, from those friends and family to the community, and eventually to the whole world. This is why I do the work I do.

After careers spanning management consulting, stay-at-home parenting and transactional real estate law, I currently coach individuals and teach meditation to groups, and, being passionate about the benefits of meditation, I love working with people in this way. I excel at helping beginners learn how to meditate, but more experienced meditators also benefit from working with me. Sessions with me can lead to better stress management and more inner peace, and I also teach Buddhist psychology-based strategies for dealing with things like physical pain and difficult emotions. My group classes and private sessions provide a chance for you to stop and breathe regularly in order to be a little more grounded and centered, or, for those who want it, a deeper experience of spiritual growth and learning. My

Beth Brotz

Beth Brotz

teaching style is gentle, without judgment; I help people learn how to love themselves.

Among other things, meditation is about developing the ability to focus and free yourself from the craziness your mind puts you through all the time.

There are different ways to accomplish that, meditatively speaking. My work with individuals includes some time discussing whatever is on the client’s mind and how a spiritual approach and meditation might be useful, followed by a guided meditation specifically tailored to whatever came up during the discussion. Sessions are 45-minutes long, and because they usually take place by telephone, I can coach no matter where in the world you happen to be. I have conducted telephone sessions with people all over the United States as well as overseas.

I also work regularly with groups in northern Los Angeles County, California teaching and leading guided meditations.

For more information about me, visit:


or email me at brotzfam@earthlink.net

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