Crystallic “Bella” Earrings



Genuine Crystal Swarvoski



CrystallicBella” Earrings

Genuine Swarovski Crystals

This is an awesome "Bella" round curve shaped earrings. This is well-made, fine quality and brilliance. When the light touches the earrings, they glisten. LISAonthego loves the "Bella".  Genuine Crystal Swarovski are designed with multi-faceted cuts specifically to capture the light. The sterling silver clasps are the perfect thickness to hold in her hands and easy to put on her ears.

LISAonthego says this shines within us and outward to you. All for one great, low price.

Crystallic “Bella” Earrings

Crystallic “Bella” Earrings
Crystallic “Bella” Earrings







Genuine Swarovski “Bella” Crystals                         

These are amazing, brilliant "Bella" round curved shaped earrings. LISAonthego says the color appears a sunshine gold to glow within and shine outwards to the world.

LISAonthego Intention – To remind yourself of your beauty, sexiness within and feel great about being you. “Bella”.

LISAonthego likes to use the "Bella" pendant and earring set on a day of going out and having fun

LISAonthego is so Lucky, She Loves AngelChatter and selling the "Bella" earrings and AngelChatters touch. 

These Genuine Swarovski Crystals are dynamite the colors are brilliant, light, energetic a true gift to give or receive.

LISAonthego loves the "Bella" earrings for when she wants her beauty to shine inside out. The golden sunshine Crystal Swarovski cut allows the light to come in and shine within so LISAonthego's beauty and light shines outward. The round curve shape is one of LISAonthego's cherished shapes. It reminds her of her beauty and sexiness essence of what she is. The energy and brilliance of these pieces helps her to move forward in the day.

A true gift of love to buy for yourself or one you are thinking of as a gift for a child, spouse, friend, etc.

***LISAonthego's intention is to bring the highest grade, best quality, well-made products to you that are wholesome, fun and of merit.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego with



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