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Chair Yoga or “Yoga for Everyone”
Chair yoga poses, which include stretching, bending and twisting, offer all the benefits of a regular yoga practice: teaching good alignment, increasing circulation, eliminating toxins, improving digestion, enhancing breathing, aiding sleep, easing depression, calming the mind and relieving stress. Chair yoga can be done anywhere, in your office, at home on vacation etc.
Chair yoga poses adapt to all levels of strength and flexibility. Some poses include forward bends, where you hang over your legs; spinal twist, turning to each side; and side stretch, raising one arm overhead and bending to the opposite side. These poses all ease tension and improve flexibility. There are also compression exercises which compress areas such as the ascending and descending colon and thyroid.
I have even included eye exercises designed to be done at your desk to relieve eye strain as a result of staring at a computer all day.
Other poses such as:
• Leg lifts strengthen your legs and lower back.
• Head turns relieve the tension in your neck
• Spinal twists relieve stress in the entire spine area
• Half Moon poses strengthens and stretches the oblique’s and hips
• Back bends and forward bends strengthen the lower back.

Namaste! I hope you enjoy these beneficial exercises

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