Must watch!! After came back from badminton I Open the garage door try to drive my car in and heard Tiana voice yelling...

Message by Tiana & Family (Cherish Sherry
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Message by Tiana & Family. #LISAonthego thanks her mom and dad for delivering this powerful message to make a difference in other lives. This video says it all of what LISAonthego wishes for her life. How about you? LISAonthego loves this new generation, the way they perceive life and teach as they learn. The children today call us on our stuff, have us see it differently and stating the facts; along with stating what they want in there lives. How awesome! Its funny to see this today. Watch the video and post your comments.

LISAonthego was with a friend last night reviewing some of the past year, and how a policy was cancelled her several times this past year. The corporation would take the payment make a credit then debit some and cause a balance. LISAonthego has spent hours and hours on the phone with supervisors, representatives, authorities etc. Most of the calls would LISAonthego would receive a story, lol a story that they convinced themselves to believe based on ??? these were untrue stories just enough to end the phone conversation and make themselves so right. LISAonthego's lesson was not to react and to respond, how? At times to call right back; start again with a representative and get a whole new story (same day). Then finally after months and months of the first cancellation came the truth. LISAonthego could believe these  the person who took the initial application wrote one wrong number on her social security # and on other cancellations the documents were not sent, now this is the truth. Some of the stories, your identification is not aligning send it again, send it again and send it again, I don't know why you are cancelled doesn't say, it is your credit report, they are guidelines to follow; read them then I am here to answer your questions, we past your information to another department to get the answers (this was told several times), the best non-payment. To this day she never received an answer for the debits that are now just credited. The true gift Tiana is giving is how not to give a story and state the facts. LISAonthego feels we could all learn from telling stories to stating the facts!

Then you have a video by Tiana that stated the facts as she saw them, her parents stopped what were they doing, her mom courageously recorded her and listened to Tiana's message. Tiana's mom is LISAonthego's inspiration showing the action of love and putting aside her mistake, doing a retake with the video and showing others the action to do a situation differently. To LISAonthego this is the inspiration taking the action, doing it differently and best yet ending and meaning the lesson to all with an "I LOVE YOU"! Now that is the true message from Tiana, her mom and dad, it is all about love, calling for love, showing love and how to act and respond to love. Thank you Tiana, her mom and dad!!!

Tiana, loves what she does and does what she loves, keeps giving the message of love of how we are willing to listen!

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