You Matter?
How much do you matter? LISAonthego was contemplating this; she opens her email and here is this quote. Unbelievable, how life happens. This quote helps to put life into perspective, isn't this awesome. The message LISAonthego receives from the quote you are enough, just being. Look at what has occurred just to be here on earth, to be present and nothing else. Be proud of who you are, you are perfect just the way you are and you are meant to be here. That is the true message, you, yes you are meant to be here with nothing else to be done. How awesome is that. You are perfect, just the way you.  You may learn and grow some more if you choose and every moment is perfect. The quote states "you are not lost, misplaced or forgotten" therefore, regardless, of how others treat you, make you feel or if you choose to accept there interpretations, criticism, negatively and/or having a bad day and feeling alone, neglected, unwanted REMEMBER YOU MATTER! "You are the product of intelligent and natural design". "You are energy in essence of unconditional love. You are the energy in motion and mass in beautiful form." LISAonthego can accept this and learn to love and accept herself for being herself, forgiving herself for mistakes, embracing life and moving forwards. In truth for LISAonthego she is the essence of herself and chooses the choices in her life.  Ultimately, she only needs to matter to herself because she only truly needs to answer to herself. No one knows our core selves and most of the times not even us. So when someone thinks they have the right to say things to you; give there opinions, know it is only an opinion and means nothing unless you, yes you, give it meaning. As the title/quote says "DEAR HUMAN, YOU MATTER"!

(now that is the beginning, the middle and the end) Have a great day!!! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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You Matter?

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