Single Thoughts? LISAonthego loved this quote posted by Timehop; Thoreau. This is a good one and has LISAonthego thinking. How true we don't take one footstep without another one following. So why would she think one thought would make a difference in her life. It takes many thoughts, interpretations, emotions for a thought to grow, to cultivate. LISAonthego loves this cultivating idea. A new concept in her life this past year to understand, to cultivate, the journey she is choosing in her life. So, one footstep is a footstep and nothing would occur without another footstep or you would remain where you are. So a thought is a thought. A thought will remain as thought then LISAonthego starts to ponder the thought, adds the emotion, attempts an action and the thoughts continue. This is another way of saying she is on a journey. LISAonthego has been on a journey and not understanding the stagnant points. Now she is adding the emotion of love, peace, fun, laughter and thoughts are flowing, growing and so is the expansion of her thoughts. Along with the thoughts are the manifestations. This quote is helping her to understand she needs to expand her thoughts to be clear, specific and precise where she thinks she wants life to go; then allow it to fall into place. We all know what our thoughts are, where we think we are going; usually does not happen that way at all and often times better than we could have thought of doing. LISAonthego's lesson today is to day-dream often on the same theme, feel an emotion; share it into a thought, to several thoughts, have it manifest and enjoy the journey. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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