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#LISAonthego Like It – Nothing in our lives for us to learn is out there. Is it? LISAonthego had hit that place between a rock and a hard place and hit it hard. She felt trapped, no way out and awoke one day and said enough is enough. Now looking back she was co-dependent, lived in fear and everything and everyone was right. Then came the day it all changed and life kept throwing the hard balls, harder and faster. That’s the way her life works, get it all out and done at one time. However, this, this was unbearable to her. Then the children went away for the weekend, LISAonthego said “oh my” giggling to herself and in fear mode. She hadn’t lived alone and the quiet for hours, no place to go and nothing she had to do. During this time LISAonthego was working with Kalie Marino and going to the A Course in Miracles. Both these modalities over time had taught LISAonthego the world is in her mind; her thoughts and she had choices. One of the hardest and biggest lessons to understand was the concept she is responsible only for her. Ultimately, no one could make her yell, cry, smile, laugh, be angry, annoyed etc. etc. etc. This was a difficult concept to grasp. Once she understood the world was is in her mind, her thoughts and she has choices, her life started to change. One of the only things in life that LISAonthego has full control over is her thought in her mind. When LISAonthego doesn’t like her thoughts she gets to change it. Try it Till It Works. For her this means she knows its best, a right choice however it is an uncomfortable, an unknown feeling and she tries it again and again till it works. This is called Try it Till it Works. Feel good about your choices, what are your thoughts, you don’t like it then change your thought till you like it. Who you are you? You don’t know who you are, great neither does LISAonthego. Every day is a new day to learn something and to get to know her better. Come join her on her journey and lets learn together. Try it till it Works. Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego


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