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#LISAonthego, Power or Power. Power is a control issue, do you have power over something or does it have power over you or you just don’t know? LISAonthego has been learning about power and what it means in her life. Power isn’t that knock out punch. It is an understanding that gives you that knowing, self-esteem, and confidence; like the motto “power is knowledge”. When LISAonthego has the drama and stories running in her life and she hasn’t recognized to L.I.D.E (LEEDY) for herself then her ego has the power. However, when she could L.I.D.E. the situation, comment or event then she has felt the power within. For LISAonthego the understanding of the event, comment or situation make the difference for her. She is learning of the different modalities that work for her and on LISAonthego also in Things resonate for everyone differently also depending on the situation; comment or event different modalities will work. For LISAonthego just one modality doesn’t work for everything. She loves L.I.D.E. however she also does the other modalities that are on LISAonthego also in It is what resonates for her and to help her get the understanding and clearing she needs to move forwards. LISAonthego has learned depending on the depth of the affect depends on the modality or the modalities she implements. Starting in 2016 LISAonthego will be talking about each of these modalities in depth and how they helped, or helping her move forwards on her path. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

L.I.D.E (LEEDY) Label it, identify it, describe the emotion and let it go, surrender

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