snow height

snow height
Mr. Tucker RUNNING HOME like a bunny, no, a kangaroo through the blizzard

LISAonthego Tuckers Friend. LISAonthego is feeling so grateful and appreciative. Time to take Mr. Tucker out and LISAonthego was stuck, lol. The snow is so high she couldn't maneuver over it, its waist high. Her new neighbor, Glenn and Mr. Tuckers best friend came over, trudged through the snow and took him through the snow to the street for his walk. Give to receive and receive to give, wow, thank you and glad it was paid forward at some point. You don't know when and you know when it comes to you at times like this. THANK YOU!!! So it wasn't enough Mr. Tuckers best friend Glenn took him for a walk, he shoveled a path in the driveway too. Could you believe this? Glenn shoveled a path. Thank you Glenn the snow is deep and not done snowing. HOORAY now Mr. Tucker could get to the street. ruff-ruff-ruff. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

Tuckers new best friend
snow height

nieghbor of the year

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