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Marty Brooks Rare Trees and Plantings

LISAonthego SAVED A TREE               

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LISAonthego walks with Mr. Tucker often in a beautiful park. This tree that many people pass is a beautiful redbud. However towards the end of last summer LISAonthego noticed it was infested with bugs. She notified the park every time she saw a worker and talked to the supervisor. The supervisor’s response we maintain the grounds, it would to be expensive to care for the plantings. LISAonthego didn’t expect that response and took it upon herself to care for the tree. She bought the necessary chemicals; treated the tree, then the tree food and soil. Now came the day to feed the tree. She couldn’t carry the food, water and soil, no park signs saying no cars on the path and she proceeded to drive. Out of nowhere she hears yelling and arms flailing. Oh no, and she just finished walking Mr. Tucker and it was quiet. LISAonthego stops and this older man are yelling, this isn’t a public road, what are you doing? You can’t be here? LISAonthego decided on humor; smiled and laughed. Hi sir, how are you? May I ask who you are? The response I am a volunteer and he went on nastily, LISAonthego stayed in who she is and smiling with the response; great I could use the help and enthusiastically went on about the beautiful tree. The man calmed down; smiled and asked her to come back Saturday they will be volunteers to help. LISAonthego shows up on Saturday with the items. Some things are meant to be and just trust. This was all in perfect order. Now the volunteers are aware of the tree. The bird Audubon volunteers was planting native plants and will continue to help this tree in the future. LISAonthego learned about plants, trees and how the park is a bird sanctuary. The volunteer Marty Brooks of Rare Plants & Trees who helped was a known professional tree expert. He was telling facts of the all trees in the park and his business of dwarfism trees. It was fascinating. Marty also would come back and would care for the tree and confirmed the tree will be fine. The bird Audubon and Marty all thanked me for saving the tree. It was an awesome feeling and love seeing this tree daily. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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