LISAonthego 5 Planets Retrograde

Did you know they are 5 planets currently in retrograde? For LISAonthego one could be tough and challenging due to her sensitivity. However, 5 planets and she is wondering why she feels the way she does? It is all good LISAonthego uses the information as guidance. It helps her to understand her emotions at this time. Life is being done for her and not to her; all is well. Retrograde from her understanding is the planets rotate the opposite way or are in a standstill. How does this affect LISAonthego? It reinforces the patterns in her life and gives different scenarios with the same issue that she could resolve for herself. LISAonthego knows this sounds different, however look around and listen to others and their stories today. Are they complaining more than usual? Not sleeping? Not feeling like them? Irritable? Sure we all have our excuses and yet these excuses are an excuse this is when LISAonthego knows when we are in retrograde and when there is a full moon this enhances life and she laughs. For when the energies are affecting her its like one of those days, you pick something up and it slips out of your hands, crashes to the floor and splatters everywhere and now you are delayed or she has an appointment and a school bus is stopping often and they finally turn into a neighborhood and now she is behind a garbage truck, keep going and now she is in construction traffic, yes LISAonthego calls that one of those days, its not good or bad, it is just what it is. Now attitude gets her through these days and her affirmations, every moment is perfect; you are where you are meant to be. In fact, as she laughs it is meant to be because others are having the same type of day and running late, cancel or postpone those appointments too. The point retrograde is a learning experience and LISAonthego is learning to go with the flow. How about you? This article explains retrograde. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

How are you all feeling?

Mars Retrograde:  April 17 – June 29

Pluto Retrograde:  April 18 – Sep 26, Mercury Retrograde:  

April 28 – May 22,

Jupiter Retrograde:  Jan 7 – May 9,

Saturn Retrograde:  March 25 – Aug 13


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