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#LISAonthego #See #Me? People always love you, seeing you, asking about you etc. You are now grown, married and have children. When you have the young children you are asked the questions about you and the family. At some point the children aren’t as young they were and are now grown up. Your time is freer the children are driving. The children are in there mid teens and older; did you notice, no one asks about you? Its like people don’t find your life interesting in your midyears. LISAonthego loves her midyears and asking people how they are? She feels this is an inspiring time. You truly learn about people, they are more focused where they are going and what they are doing in their lives. However it amazing how people don’t ask. How do you feel about this? LISAonthego is looking see me as me time. The focus is off of you and yet on you because now you see me is seeing you. Learning about you and what you want. What is important to you and see me is making things happen for you. Spending the time with people you want to and not have too. What to do with see me time? Get involved with things you enjoy that make your heart sing. Go out and have fun, join a meet-up group that shares your interests, take yourself out for an adventure and have fun. Life is to short to worry about what others think, because everyone has an opinion and do what is fun for you. See me and see what you are doing, its okay people don’t ask about you because it’s about you anyhow. Others are missing out not asking about you. Do what makes your heart sing. You don’t know what makes your heart sing that is okay. Busy your mind, in the next month plan one outing that interests you, something different, one you have not done and inspires you to do. Have something for you to look forwards too, then add another and slowly your see me time is your heart singing time. Are you living life or life is living you? Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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