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LISAonthego Busy and Busy. This is a busy time of the year. They are many activities happening for everyone from graduations, religious ceremonies, outdoor parties, sports, appointments and appointment; including the work environment, business meetings, budgets, goal reviews we are 6 months into the new year, etc. We are busy and busy. We are accountable everywhere, who is accountable for you taking care of you? It’s important to be involved and attend the events, parties etc. It’s important to us to be with people; this is our family, friends or colleagues the people in our lives. How do you balance it all? Get the everyday chores, work and life done. LISAonthego has been busy and busy. This has become a struggle and realizes she needs to make choices of what could work for her. Yes, she wants to be everywhere and do everything and yes this could be done. LISAonthego is learning to have lists and lists and lists. This helps to balance the busy and busy on a daily schedule. In addition, to the busy and busy time of year LISAonthego has been working and not taking care of herself and it shows. Starting today she is now in the daily schedule too, including shaping up, cooking healthier and making time for her. No there is not enough time in the day and yes it takes juggling. However, if she doesn’t take care of her then who will and enough is enough. What LISAonthego is listing her schedule all the activities, life and work life. This is working, how? The list lists everything for the day from the busy and busy and is learning that she doesn’t need to be someplace 100%. LISAonthego goes within to what feels right for her in the busy and busy, day to day schedule and doing the best she can. The very first priority is to her then she could give to everyone else. She has recognized for now some events, parties, appointments will be quality and not quantity. She may go late and leave early for things and she will be there; she will be focused and present while she is engaged. Life changes all the time for all of us depending where we are in our lives, in school, starting a family, a new job etc. its important that we put ourselves the priority and listening within. Everything else is falling into for LISAonthego and it feels good. For this busy and busy time of year a list, scheduling the daily needs and wants within reason and achievable could be done. LISAonthego has a niche for scheduling and learning to be more flexible in her time, simplifying tasks and her life and having it flow more easily. By having the list and schedule she is also learning to let some things go, it’s the small stuff and makes life easier, time consuming and overall not important and surrendering to let it go during the busy and busy time. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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