LISAonthego Today is Full of Information

LISAonthego Today is full of information. It’s been a funny kind of a day. It’s the last day of being 53 years old. The day before LISAonthego’s birthday and it is the one that she is attached too, it’s the day to reflect on the past year, letting go, acknowledging another year has gone by. Each day individually goes fast or slow and yet the days go by and now another year. Its sentimental, emotional and letting go of the past and looking forward to moving forwards. We don’t get a choice and for LISAonthego it is bittersweet. LISAonthego Today is full of information. the first funny thing of the day is Mr. Tucker. In the picture he is asking for help and won't move because he thinks his leash is stuck. The leash is under the pillow, lol. LISAonthego's conclusion our thoughts control our actions. : met up with Edie Weinstein today and told her, her feelings of the day before a birthday they chatted some and departed ways. On the way back LISAonthego sees 3 three large birds in a tree, she believes they were turkey buzzards, scavengers. Then turns on another road and a fox came running across the street with something in its mouth. What does all this mean? Its not everyday you see buzzards in a tree or a fox with something in its mouth running across the street. LISAonthego looks up a fox and the spiritual meaning and it says luck, fortune and opportunity and the scavenger reminds you of grabbing for the opportunity when it is in front of you. Use your wisdom and resourcefulness instead of hard work. Here is the path for LISAonthego’s forthcoming year, sounds amazing and how is your day? Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


Walking  Mr. Tucker later in the day and a groundhog came in our path. Wow an amazing day, lots of messages and wonderful animals.



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