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Edie Weinstein wrote an Article that is INSPIRATIONAL. http://blogs.psychcentral.com/about-relationships/2016/05/random-or-meant-to-be-connections/#.Vz5AfadwZcg.facebook

LISAonthego read this article that #Edie #Weinstein wrote that is informative, inspirational and gets you thinking. This article had LISAonthego go within herself for her beliefs. What do you believe? Here is a question and a great article getting to learn about you and your beliefs. Do you believe it’s random or synchronistic when you meet someone? Take a moment and look within your own life and who is in your life. Family, teachers, bosses, doctors, friends, coaches and the list go on and on. When did they come into your life? How do these people influence your life? LISAonthego believes people have come into your life for a season, reason or a lifetime. Also they are here to teach us or learn from us or both as time goes on. #Kalie #Marino came into LISAonthego’s life when her life was on path that she was lost. To this day they talk and Kalie Marino has been an awesome motivational speaker on #www.Spiritualfitnessonthego.com. Edie Weinstein came into LISAonthego’s life as a great supportive, caring friend. She listens and LISAonthego loves her talks and inspiration to herself and others. Edie is that friend where you go out have and fun in what truly inspires your heart from workshops to movies, walks and shares the same interests. Edie Weinstein makes a difference in peoples lives with her inspirational talks on #spiritualfitnessonthego.com, her writings and on her own radio show vividlife.me Its all about Relationships. LISAonthego feels Kalie and Edie came into her life as synchronistic, meant to be and not coincidental and has been an awesome part of LISAonthego life. Being there for her for a talk, or a walk, or for fun. Thank you ladies for being part of LISAonthego life and making a difference in her life and others! Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


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