LISAonthego, Who Knows You?

LISAonthego, Who Knows You? Yesterday LISAonthego met with long-time best friends. Of course its great to see your longtime best friends, they know everything. Right? Actually for #LISAonthego, yes and it is awesome. You could talk and they know all your history, strengths and weaknesses. So when LISAonthego talked about her life where she is, what she is doing and not knowing where she wanted to go or understanding some of the opportunities. Her friends chimed in, it was awesome because they understand her, her needs, and her wants so the discussion was amazing. It made sense to her and gave another perspective and details that she didn’t see. The discussion actually was awesome because the situation she was faced with her friend’s answers gave her full circle suggestions. Ones that she could use and knows; her best friends have her best interest at heart. Because they like her for her, nothing is in it for them; they are loving, caring, supportive friends.  When you are having a situation or a decision and appear stuck this is when you call your best friends and family that know you, truly know you and the subject you are asking about. Listen to there subjective suggestions. LISAonthego bets they will suggest a perspective that you haven’t seen or considered. Her friends did. It gave her so much more to think about and then more questions and more talks and it made sense. It came full circle and how things could weave together in a neat web that we call life. Now #LISAonthego has more choices that she didn’t think of until talking with her best friends to look at and to decide what is best for her to move forwards. Our friends and family come in many different variables, so when you are having a situation, dilemma, where to go next? Ask the people that know you best and understand the circumstances to help guide you. Ask the person that knows and understands you for each of your different situations and dilemmas that you have in your life. Get all the answers then sit quietly, go within, and overtime you will know what resonates for you. Then put into action and live life with love, laughter and peace, LISAonthego

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