LISAonthego Can’t Shape Up?

LISAonthego can’t shape up? LISAonthego knows it's important  for her health. Its half way through the year and the New Year’s goals are still in the vision. What is happening? What are the deterrents? For LISAonthego it is juggling life,  yes this is the same for all of us. However, when life lessons come into play and the emotional side of issues comes up (disagreements, drama, events) or the physical side of that effect our emotional side due to the time of year (school ending, communions, graduations, birthdays, more errands than usual, work deadlines, yard-work, meetings early and late). Who wants to shape up? Take care of us when life is so busy this is the time #LISAonthego puts herself last?  Who wants to take the time to love yourself? Who wants to figure out the balance that could work? Who could make the best excuses to avoid shaping up? LISAonthego, that is who. Shaping-up, eating healthy, being the best she could be so she is at her best is what comes last. LISAonthego can’t shape up? Yes she can, she is determined. This is the time you say “halt” and put the “me time” in because if you are not being and doing the best for you then you won’t be for anyone else. How is LISAonthego going to this? Its “ME TIME” taking care of me so she could take care of you. She committed to taking care of herself, shaping up, just shaping up. The gym wants 3 days a week commitment this isn’t working because it’s not in her daily schedule. This is where affirmations work so LISAonthego is going to #shape-up 6 days a week. Yes and would like you to join her on your schedule and your time. Three days at the gym and three days to yoga and meditate at home with This is balancing for her shaping up and having a daily routine, like work, school, eating etc. Yes, the emotional side is winning today, so it’s having that affirmation, mind over matter, shaping up with others, talking to you so she is not alone. It’s in the schedule and she will go to the gym today. How about you? Come join LISAonthego? What are your affirmations? LISAonthego’s affirmation “Be the Best You Could Be for Today”, “Me Time”, "Me Matters Most", “Mind over Matter” you could do this and feel great before, during and after, the goal Shape-Up, Eat Healthy, Sleep Well and Feel Your Best. Tone Your Body, Heal Your Mind, Open Your Heart. This is LISAonthego goals in her life. How about you and your goals? Affirmations reinforce goals, fake it till you make it, change your thought and your actions will follow. LISAonthego can’t shape up? Yes she can, come do it with her? Have a great day. LISAonthego

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