Stay Motivated by Oprah

LISAonthego loves the video below. This was a great way to start the day, a reminder you have made no mistakes.

When Oprah is talking about listening to the little mind, LISAonthego interpretation she is talking about our ego. When Oprah is talking about listening within LISAonthego interpretation this is our spirit mind from our heart.

When we are overwhelmed go within and ask ourselves for the next moment. What could I do right for me in this next moment? Not to look at the whole picture because in truth, we don't know the whole picture and to take life moment by moment.

Love, Love, Love to know to just relax, relax in your life it is on its own course that is right for you in each moment.

They are no rewards, big rainbow with the pot of gold at the end, it was a path you strolled during your life here and it is what you made it to be. It was for us to learn or teach along the way of our encounters on our own path.


Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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