#Wellness & Preventive, Feeling great and want to join us great, love to have you! Diagnosed with an illness? Having symptoms? In treatment? Stressed? Having anxiety to life? We are here for you!

What is Shaping Up?

LISAonthego Shape Up  = Shaping up is changing things in your life that make you feel better emotionally or physically.

What have you done in the past and would  like to change now in your life to Shape Up?

For LISAonthego it has been baby steps and at times moment by moment. The past several years has been learning about her, her path, who she is, what she likes and doesn't like, her career and where she would like to go. She has learned that the LISAonthego Blogs resonates for many, many people. Huge awakening to know she is not alone and either are you. Thank you for reading, watching and listening LISAonthego blogs.

Coming up in the next few months LISAonthego will be starting to sell botanical, naturally grown products made into oils, lotion, wash etc. The LISAonthego Show is to help herself and many others get to know and understand themselves. When this occurs their is a change in who we are and who we are in each moment. LISAonthego can't believe how much she has learned about herself during this time thinking and feeling she was alone. She had no clue how many people are on her path and is loving teaching people how she is doing it.

How do you change? Why do you change? Could we make ourselves change?

LISAonthego is so looking to moving forwards with How about you? We welcome everyone to come along and join on your path.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego
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