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definition of Affirmation: It's a statement of being done, intentions of words

Affirmations are the wants we want in your life. LISAonthego has learned affirmations are important for her. She started saying affirmations during the past year and it has influenced her life. You know during those challenging moments and you are thinking those negative thoughts and you know the impact they could have. In those moments LISAonthego says to herself STOP and changes her thoughts to her affirmations or to positive statements. This is working to staying positive and focused. 

Write your Affirmations and put it where you could see them daily, night table, kitchen. etc. LISAonthego wrote out her Affirmations and has them on her computer so every morning she reads them to start her day.  

In the mornings before starting the day she reads her Affirmations for the day. LISAonthego reviews her schedule and states her intentions for the day too. When LISAonthego needs that boost, reassurance in her life she now adds with attitude and confidence "That's Right" LISAonthego is …..fills in the dots example: LISAonthego; That’s Right she is beautiful, That’s Right LISAonthego takes awesome pictures etc. This has been great in re-assuring who she is and what she wants. When life happens and appearing difficult she's says her affirmation this changes her attitude for herself and influences her day. Also, learning to be specific, detailed and state her wants. This helps to direct her day.

LISAonthego messages her motto for the website is “Bee the Best U Could Bee today” Bee Who You Want to Bee”. This reaffirms loving herself for who she is and defining herself. How about you? What are some affirmations and positive quotes used in your life?

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

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