What is Spiritual Awakening?


What is spiritual awakening? Two years ago LISAonthego was out and came home with hives in one location. She looked up the spiritual meaning of hives and the location and was put to the spiritual awakening urls.


Spiritual awakenings to LISAonthego is learning who you really are. Having that peace in yourself and knowing your belief systems.

It is just being, be who you want to be, surrendering and at peace. This journey of the spiritual awakening is not so easy at times look at the symptoms below. She recognizes this by talking about Spiritual Awakening. She is not alone and either are you!

LISAonthego understands now what is happening. This transition could take time from years to moments depending where we are on our path. After reading and researching, LISAonthego knows this is what is happening to her. She has been giggling at herself. LISAonthego realizes she has been on this path for the past few years. However things are now moving faster and she is experiencing more than half the symptoms. The three best symptoms that has given LISAonthego no doubt: The backend of the website had issues ongoing and ongoing (now resolved), hives (location heart center) and the electrical malfunctions (bought a Macbook Pro in late 2011 and it had glitches till it died in 2013). Bought another Macbook Pro from Best Buy upgraded and this one has been gem. Then she bought an Imac and it perished, lol. (all resolved).

Today in 2017 when these symptoms arise she giggles to herself and chooses peace. She has experienced some other Spiritual Awakenings symptoms recently. She is okay with this because she sees herself growing and exceeding who she was a few years ago. Her LISAonthego blogs have flourished a huge following, the website spiritualfitnessonthego.com is now up and she has leaped in faith and has purchased products she uses and wants to share with you. This is amazing. 

To help move along her path, LISAonthego is presently in a group session with Joanna Chodorowska;  Master of Path to Heal. This is clearing her past and helping to move forwards with confidence, grace and ease. Thank you Joanna.

(story and drama) Who buys an Apple product that dies. LISAonthego’s children, friends, business colleagues laugh with her too because it is unheard of until now Spiritual Awakening. The lesson only buy from Best Buy their warranties/guarantees are superb and they stand behind their products. Will (supervisor) in the PA store is awesome, knows his products (bought the 2nd MacBook Pro from Will he cares and supports his customers. LISAonthego is glad to know and understand what is occurring.

LISAonthego believes her path is to be who she is, believe in who she is and stay on the path in what she loves to do and that is LISAonthego Blogs and the website Spiritualfitnessonthego.com.

What do you know about Spiritual Awakening? Are you going through the process? Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



1. Eat healthier and caring for your body differently
2. Your belief system changing
3. Desire to connect to nature
4. Experiencing synchronicity, being shown that life is not coincidental
5. Material items aren’t needed or wanted as they use to be
6. Sleeping patterns changing (sleeping more or less, waking in the middle of the night etc)
7. Sudden waves of emotion
8. Drawn to inspiration and personal fulfillment
9. Greater feeling of oneness
10. Worrying less, trusting the process
11. Interest and desires changing
12. Power surges hot/cold
13. Vivid dreams
14. Time accelerating
15. Integrity
16. Electrical and mechanical occurrences that come and go (important to ground)
17. Closures in life
18. Changes in what you are eating
19. Skin rashes etc
20. Events that completely change your life (moving, death, divorce, loss of job etc)
21. Creative incentives
22. The feeling you are or have changed and feeling that difference inside
23. Increased integrity
24. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions
25. Increased intuition

UPDATED and added in 2017 http://sunfell.com/symptoms.htm this has over 50 possible symptoms, you don't need to be experiencing everyone, just some to know you are awakening and not alone!

Spiritualfitnessonthego.com by LISAonthego copyright 2015

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