Drama and Stories

We all have drama and stories its part of being human and nothing we could do to stop it.

What could we do about the drama and stories?

As the drama is going through the process we could take a time out, calm down and L.I.D.E. This helps so we aren’t reacting (negatively) and responding (positively). Initially when the drama is occurring our ego chatter minds are going and we are reacting. Therefore, LISAonthego is learning to L.I.D.E. and take a time out.

L.I.D.E. – Take the event, circumstance or situation and label it, identify it and describe the emotion that you are feeling. Why? Look at the link and go to the chart to help: label, identify and describe the emotion you are experiencing.


Then take a time out

During the timeout when her ego mind chatter is going, she is learning to change her thoughts. By changing her thoughts, the energy and manifestation changes for her to be peaceful. By changing her thoughts, she may see another perspective.

When we are in the stories and dramas they have the power over us, with the ego chatter mind going. However, when LISAonthego L.I.D.E. her events, circumstances or situation, she regains her power over it and understands what she is experiencing.

Also, when LISAonthego L.I.D.E.’s she is understanding her feelings about the situation. When the drama is going strong and now she understands herself, she changes her stories. This maybe not doing or saying something, laughing, allowing the other person to have their own journey and she has the choices how to respond. Recently, her choice in a situation is not be in the others company, no confrontation, no anger etc. This is LISAonthego loving LISAonthego and having her feel safe and protected from other outbursts.

We have choices to react or respond, be in the ego chatter mind or L.I.D.E., go within or react. We have options for ourselves what feels peaceful for us from the spiritual heart. The bottom line we have choices, we know us and what’s best for us. Choose for you!

Have a great day! LISAonthego




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