What's Your Addiction?

We all have addictions. Some we stop, some stop and start again and some we do daily. What are your addictions?

Addictions speak to us.

The ego chatter mind tells us again and again why we do what we do. Drinking, smoking, eating, exercising, shopping, gambling, studying etc. The ego tells us: You can't-do this, you are not good enough then you start telling yourself stories how you can't-do it or it won’t work and the why’s or the stories: he/she said, wow could you believe that…how judgmental, he/she did take some money…borrowed your car and left it with no gas…, he/she went to …. etc. your mind is on the defense, it changes the stories and keeps you stuck on false judgments.

I know, I’ll feel better when I have my addiction is no longer. (smoking, drinking, shopping etc.) However, taking or doing your addiction keeps us from going within, changing our thoughts, reassuring ourselves vs avoiding our addictions.

You give in to your addiction and have that euphoric feeling all is well. Then the feeling of relief, calmness a false sense of security.

Our addictions give us guilt, why did I do that? Look how much I had??? Wow, I overdid it.

Did you ever notice how much time and energy our addictions take from our lives? How much energy do we put into our ego’s, addictions for false judgments? Is it worth it?

You keep talking to yourself. At some point, you're tired and the feelings of emotions of I did something wrong, the guilt comes to play and you watch your thoughts go by, you're tired of the ego stories. Next comes your heart of emotions.

The heart emotions speak to us and genuinely tells us what we feel, what we truly want or need or to achieve. You start forgiving yourself and at this point, you could make a change, changing your thoughts and emotions a change for the better to be a better you.

Take the addiction of smoking the nicotine and other drugs in the cigarettes keeps the ego going. As the effects wear off you go for another and another. When you stop an addiction and you start again, you start where you lead off and then your addiction cravings and habits double.  It takes more for the effects to get that feeling wanted. At some point, the addiction overcomes the ego and you are lost, you did too much or you change and increase the addiction for an increased effect. Now you are smoking cigarettes with alcohol.

It's understanding how the addiction affects you to make a change for the better. https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/

First is to understand addictions have power over us. A false sensation. Once you understand this you then could choose to change, get help and stop. You could also gain the power over the addiction. L.I.D.E. understanding you by labeling the addiction, identifying and describing the emotions.   https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/lisaonthego-lide/  https://spiritualfitnessonthego.com/l-d-e-leedy-part-2-lisaonthego/

 and understand for you and have the power over the addiction.

The choice is yours.

You want tools and activities to help in life www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace LISAonthego

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