LISAonthego DRAMA, DRAMA. What are drama and stories?

LISAonthego Drama, Drama

LISAonthego Drama, Drama
LISAonthego Drama, Drama

It is when a situation, event or circumstance occurs and you feel you are so right.  You feel entitled to let everyone know. In addition, in truth, you want everyone else to agree with you and side with you. It's rarely that we are 100% in our stories and dramas.

In addition, drama and stories are about our perceptions, judgments, and interpretations. Therefore others also have there perceptions, judgments and interpretations. Ultimately our drama and stories are about us and learning to see it another way.

Awhile back LISAonthego's had drama's that came on Bam one, two and three, wow really. The question arose, do you want to play and tell your story on how right you are? The reply was YES. The story goes like this, this happened and that happened and they said and that was said and LISAonthego wants to go on telling her story and how wrong everyone else is. Yes, she is telling them I AM SO RIGHT!

LISAonthego is so right! A friend listening giggles and reminds her that she is really caught up in the story. Truthfully in time, she won’t remember and if she does not all the details too. LISAonthego knew in her heart she was right. However, it wasn’t bringing her peace and she knows for herself that nothing is more important than her own peace.

LISAonthego went to her fall back of using the tools on The EFT tapping, reading past LISAonthego BLOGS, A Course in Miracles Lesson, cleansing prayer and affirmation all of this could be done anywhere and this helped her to feel so much better. It reminded her to “be the best she could be”, “be who she wants to be”.

Then the next day, LISAonthego is feeling like she is in a circle standing in the middle and looks around at the circle and starts laughing and laughing. She is seeing all the stories and dramas one, two and three bam and realizes none of it means anything in the big picture of herself. Being so right isn’t bringing her peace. Then she chooses peace and asks herself, does any of this truly matter in the big picture? Her answer is no because in time most of it will not be remembered.

She also knows and has learned the universe supports our dramas. This means when it's not resolved within you more situations, event and circumstances come to us. With different scenarios and ultimately the same issue, Question, does LISAonthego want more drama and stories? She could be so right and keep it up. The universe in time will give her more of the stories and drama as she laughs lol, and responds no she chooses to surrender.

The process of healing begins for LISAonthego by saying her Affirmations, ( and then to each person in her story she says to XXXX I am sorry, I love you, thank you and please forgive me and mean it because you can’t fool the universe. The drama is about you, within you, not out there, the bottom line is to forgive, truly forgive the people in the stories and find your inner peace, if you don’t have your peace today, you sure won’t have your peace tomorrow.

Regardless where you are today, in the drama of stories and the but, but, but and being so right or you could choose to be in your peace, The peace today within you is about you, not them.

Forgiveness is for you, not them.

LISAonthego forgives others for everything they didn't do and this helps her to surrender.

Each time LISAonthego feels she is in the stories and drama she goes to uses the tools and activities until she finds her peace, forgives and could move forwards.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

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