A Course in Miracles - Facilitated by Britney Shawley

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles
A Course in Miracles


Come Start your journey today! Learn to accept and experience your True Self and self-discovery. A Course in Miracles lessons- facilitated by Britney Shawley". Britney is inspiring, enthusiastic and easy to watch as she shares her perception on the lesson of the day.


What is an A Course in Miracles? 

A Course In Miracles is the inner foundation to your inner peace. LISAonthego has been studying the A Course In Miracles and has been in a group for 10+ years. It has given LISAonthego another perception to her life to a better world and it is about living in today's world; finding your peace. This is not about religion or related to a religion. However, the words god, Jesus, etc. may be used LisaOnTheGo replaced the word with one that resonated with her the creator, spirit, child, universe etc. use what works for you. The Course is about you in today's world and finding your way to be at peace and learning about you.

Britney Shawley is wise beyond her years, energized, enthusiastic and does an amazing job presenting and facilitating the A Course In Miracles. Join us Today.


A COURSE IN MIRACLES - facilitated by Britney Shawley

A COURSE IN MIRACLES - facilitated by Britney Shawley
A COURSE IN MIRACLES - facilitated by Britney Shawley


I love the world and everyone in it.

There is nothing to do or to see except everyone happy and at peace along with me.

For this reason, my mind is open and willing to welcome new tools, that are practical, helpful, and truly here to shift the world in a direction where we ALL win.

To call me anything at all it would be a Teacher of Peace, but even that is not me.  Simply listening to the voice within that guides me. As included the greatest good of others and in my thinking, we begin to receive the effects of my giving and thus receive everything that I give!

Britney's Experience

Through inner mind training and dedication to the goal of peace, happiness is my result; and thus powerful and revolutionary tools have been given me to bless the world. I have learned to diligently train my mind firstly through practice, secondly through the help of the tool A Course in Miracles. ACIM is literally a tool for mind training, miracle-working and inner peace. It has become an active part of my daily thought process and assists as a focus and a guide for undoing the false and remembering what is True. This helped to facilitate the relationships in my life to become only helpful, loving and purposeful. 

York University is where I received my honors in both English & Psychology. My education was furthered with Hypnosis and N.L.P to help assist a greater audience to understand the power of their mind. Born in Toronto, Canada and currently live in Southern California with my partner & husband Tom Glod. We are both creators and visionaries of team MakeShyft R.D.A and inspired and passionate about completing the tools in our pipeline and giving them to the world.

I am here to serve the masses, and to make a big difference for the greater good of everyone.

Love, Britney Shawley www.miraclesofmind.org

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