What are you feeding yourself? 




What are you feeding yourself? LisaOnTheGo went to a workshop a few years ago presented by Edie Weinstein and Elaine Silver. Come read, listen or watch the video today.   

This is about what others have said to you, think about you that are negative and positive throughout your life. Its absorbed, fed like an iv into your system.

Do you believe what others have said to you, your whole life? LisaOnTheGo says no, however when its fed through an iv it lives within you. The tools and activities on www.Spiritualfitnessonthego.com help to clear your misbeliefs of you.

LisaOnTheGo understands some things are much easier understood than to apply them. That is why for LisaOnTheGo walk is harder than the talk. We could talk and talk and talk and be an expert on our talks.

It's the walk that makes the difference in our lives.

We would all love to do the walk, life just isn't this simple. It's a process for LisaOnTheGo. It could take a moment to moment or day to day and ultimately could take her years or a lifetime to learn to walk through her obstacles in her life. To find her peace, truly learn who she is and be the person she is today. 

UPDATE - LisaOnTheGo spoke to Christine Alexandria, AngelChatter recently and she gave her an activity to help her grow. Edie Weinstein and Elaine Silver workshop were about the iv's running into our system and Christine Alexandria of AngelChatter spoke of cutting the cords. In retrospect cutting the iv cords. This makes sense to LisaOnTheGo. She has been giving her power away and this tool has her take her power back and keep it within. By the way cutting the iv cords has given LisaOnTheGo peace, surrendering and moving along her journey.   

Let us know what you are changing in your life?

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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