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Me TimeMe Time, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Me TimeMe Time, LisaOnTheGo Blog
Me Time, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Me Time? LisaOnTheGo Blog. What have you done for you recently?

#LisaOnTheGo Blog. She has been working diligently on Spiritualfitnessonthego and burning out. It was suggested to do something for herself. LisaOnTheGo thought about the suggestion and heard of a painting class, one night for 2.5 hours.

LisaOnTheGo said she could do this and signed up. She set the time for a business appointment. Then scheduled herself for her to go. It all came together and LisaOnTheGo went to the class. She has not painted in years and as a teenager, this was a  favorite activity for hers. It was a fun class; she loves trees and surprised herself at how she loves her painting.

It was a great lesson in having me time. LisaOnTheGo does what has to be done and not enough time set aside for what she wants/like to do. It is time to make me time on a weekly basis, and find something she likes/loves to do.

Learning about you.

Learning about you and what you love and like to do could feel like a chore. It's not easy and yet it's important to do something that makes your heart sing. Life could be like work. What you have to do? Going to your job, cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, raising children and the list goes on. We all need me time, to help us grow, to learn what we like or not like and to take time for us.

Sounds easy, it’s learning who you are and what you enjoy to do. What makes your heart sing?LisaOnTheGo attends some spiritual activities to continue growing and learning. However, this me time was just me, no thinking, just being and in the zone. It’s a great balance learning about what she likes and enjoys. What do you have fun doing for you?

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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Me time could be done anytime during the year. Me time could be A New Years ambition. LisaOnTheGo will sit down and go within to learn what will make her heart sing for her. It's about her, learning and growing who she is as a person, an individual. LisaOnTheGo would like to be more creative, write more, shape up by walking, yoga, meditation, being with people and learning new things. Life will always have curveballs, stop us in our tracks and it's us to push through these times by focusing on what works for us in our lives.

This starts with the process of our thoughts and taking an action. The rest falls into place. 



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