Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger
Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

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Nothing in our life for us to learn is out there.

LisaOnTheGo always wants to think the answers are out there and that everyone else has better answers or the knows the answers. The experts, professionals, friends, family, bosses etc. and in truth, it's not true.

Did you ever notice how people show up in your life? They come for a reason, a season or a lifetime?

The people in our lives play important roles too, they ultimately teach us about us. You are now with another person in a situation, comment, or event by engaging; we are learning about our beliefs, who we are and ourselves.

LisaOnTheGo is learning that by engaging helps us to understand ourselves, or have that AAHH moment where it clicks you get the understanding for you.

In truth, no one could make us think a specific way, act a specific way, be a specific way, they could try to persuade us and ultimately it is our choice. LisaOnTheGo feels this is the huge difference from childhood to adulthood, as a child we perceive our parents, authority etc. could have these choices for us and as an adult, we learn it is us that have these choices. It is for us to learn about us, what we think, what we have a thought about and we could change. Our thinking and thoughts are to be who we want to be.

However, our everyday engagements in our everyday life give us the feedback for us to contemplate, process and to move forward in our life. The engagements help to teach us and show us what we want to know or who we want to be.

Ultimately though all of the answers for ourselves are within ourselves. It's taking the pause in our lives, going within and learning what resonates for us. It's listening to our spiritual heart and following our paths for us.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo



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