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Anger Reaction
What does anger get you? Do you get to be right? Do you get to speak your thoughts loudly so others hear you? Do you keep your anger in, not express it and feel ill? Do you feel on fire? Here is another question; what angers you? A should have, should of, should have been; something said to you; an action you didn’t approve? Someone else telling you, you are wrong, laughing at you when it is something meaningful to you, taking something that is yours? In your anger did you react, react haphazardly and then feeling bad, guilt, negative emotions.


We all have experienced anger; then look back at our reactions, emotions, thought process and take the time to analyze what just happened. The end results it all looks negative right? Wrong, let's look at this positively.

Anger is a natural reaction, in your opinion a situation not going right and it’s a way of communicating your resentment, injustice etc.

LisaOnTheGo feels that anger brings the importance of the subject or situation for you and this matters to you. It is a signal for something to change. When you and others see your emotions and understand it matters to you; this is when most situations, subjects could start getting resolved. When you calm down then communication could begin; people are heard and understood to make a change.

What If others are not willing to communicate and resolve the subject or situation that you find is important to you, what could you do? Learn to love and accept you for who you are and not what others think. LisaOnTheGo says you could understand the importance of the subject or situation for you and walk away, don't put yourself in that position again etc. Let's hear from you. Have a great day!

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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