Proud to be a B*itch by Edie Weinstein

Proud to be a B*itch by Edie Weinstein

Proud to be a B*itch by Edie Weinstein

Read her article on Huffington Post here.




Proud to be a B*itch by Edie Weinstein, LisaOnTheGo loves this article. It is about being who you are and setting boundaries. Edie is amazing in expressing her feelings for all of us. Also, she mentions Patricia Gallagher, Yvonne Kaye that LisaOnTheGo knows too. All these women are strong, successful and have worked hard in knowing who they are. This is a gift to LisaOnTheGo learning who she is and being who she is too. 

Edie talks about sticks and stones. quote from the article “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The truth is, no matter how thick the skin, words are able to penetrate and do their dirty work. It is when we believe them, that they are the most insidious".

This has LisaOnTheGo contemplating this and has come to terms, it is so true.

Our words can't affect us unless we, ourselves believe them or the person saying them has authority in our lives.

For LisaOnTheGo when an authority figure in your life has told her something, she would listen and believe them.

Why? because they're an authority figure, parent, teacher, boss etc. She was raised and taught that authority figures are always right and not to question their viewpoints, criticisms, opinions etc. It has taken a long time and work to overcome others voices. Most of her adult life is believing others know more until enough was enough and time to learn about LisaOnTheGo in what she believes and wants.

The tools and activities on are why LisaOnTheGo is where she is today.

LisaOnTheGo is thankful and grateful for the writings, teachings, talks of the woman in this article. They're an inspiration for being who they are and showing us their path to inspire us. Thank you!

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo



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