LISAonthego Weight Rollercoaster

#LISAonthego has been on a weight rollercoaster ride? How about you??? She has been Up and down and all around with her weight, lol. LISAonthego L.I.D.E. LEEDY the situation, Label it, identify it, Describe the emotion. The results: the situation, weight loss, label it, frustrated, embarrassed, humiliated; identify it, lol most people are on a rollercoaster ride when losing weight, LISAonthego conclusion, she was doing well and then she took some turns and straight down, now she is going back up hill. However, she has learned when doing well and on track her body, mind and spirit go through many changes, you as a person change, LISAonthego is processing so she doesn’t go through this again and when LISAonthego has dived in and dropped her weight quickly and easily in the past, it came back because the reasons for eating were not resolved. It takes work to change and to process. LISAonthego has realized in the past year all the changes she has done and understands the weight process better. LISAonthego can’t lose weight and keep it off unless she process’s and understands herself. LISAonthego for the first time is understanding the changes, doing the work so it is permanent. Describe the emotion; now that she understands more, she forgives herself for the roller-coaster ride, laughs and move forwards. There have been many purposeful changes, without the deep core personal resolutions LISAonthego says “Be who you want to be” one change she is putting herself around experts, professionals, friends, family to help her learn what she feels is missing so she could prosper and continue to move forwards on her path. Also, this past year quit smoking in August/September. LISAonthego would be triggered and go on binges to smoke, not smoke, smoke and not smoke. What were the reasons that she smoked? LISAonthego used the tools and activities on #Spiritualfitnessonthego and went within herself for the answer. Now that she understands herself this has become permanent of not smoking and changes are taken place within her body. This affects weight loss and physiologically. LISAonthego has made clear choices this past year, some easy, some not, some work and some don’t but they are her choices for her life. LISAonthego is on the path she has made the choices and just because they are her choices, doesn’t mean her choices always work. Today she is proud of who she is, the person she is and becoming. What she looks like is a judgment and interpretation in her opinion she is beautiful, sexy, and great twinkling, bright eyes and an awesome laugh. Who are you and what are you today? Choices, LISAonthego gets to change by making choices, believing in her, self-love and being a peace. What about you, what are your choices?


Rollercoaster ride at an amusement park, Barcelona, Spain

Rollercoaster ride at an amusement park, Barcelona, Spain
Rollercoaster ride at an amusement park, Barcelona, Spain,

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