LisaOnTheGo Blogger, Ballpark

LisaOnTheGo Blogger,  Ballpark

LisaOnTheGo Blogger,  Ballpark

LisaOnTheGo Blogger,  Ballpark

LisaOnTheGo Blogger,  Ballpark

LisaOnTheGo Blogger,  Ballpark

LisaOnTheGo Blogger Ballpark. Life throws us curve balls and its how we hit them back that counts. #LisaOnTheGo likes to hit her baseballs head on and out of the park. One and done.

When the ball the go fouls its a re-do and she believes it is testing us to see if we understand the lesson. Therefore, LisaOnTheGo chooses one and done, however it doesn't always go this way.

Then there is something called Karma.

LisaOnTheGo interpretation is the pattern keeps arising in different situations until we learn the lesson. Karma is tough, the curve balls keep coming one after another, same pattern, different situation, and events. When its Karma and meant to be that you are going to learn the lesson, it means you are going to learn the lesson. Amazing how the pattern keeps appearing. We may not recognize the pattern at first. However, when the issues keep arising, its time to go within and take a look. See the familiarity in the events, situations, and events. Now try to understand and learn the pattern.

Some patterns are quick and others could take a lifetime.

When LisaOnTheGo has learned the lesson, she could find her peace and forgives herself and others. Just because she forgives doesn't mean she keeps playing with the same drama, stories or the people. It means she has choices to change and choose what is best for her. This concept is easier to understand than to go through.

For LisaOnTheGo you make it look easy compared to her.

LisaOnTheGo is not good at playing the drama and stories. Her emotions get in the way and she takes things personally. Therefore going in quietly helps her to calm down and see the game being played. Life isn't always throwing the curve balls, sometimes, they're easy to hit and go out of the park. However, if you are feeling stuck like LisaOnTheGo and having challenges then its time to choose another way to obtain the results wanted. LisaOnTheGo likes the baseball thrown a little high and then she swings and its a great hit in play.

When she gets on base that's awesome she has made a good decision for herself and as she progresses to 2nd base, 3rd base and home-plate this is being on path meant for her.

Home runs are meant to be, it's about time she saw the ball and hit it squared on out of the park. The fouls and caught baseballs are the mistakes to retake.

Life is like a baseball game just follow the rules and understand them, find your peace, forgive and you are a winner of the game. Sounds easier than it is to play. Good luck in your game of baseball.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

LISAonthego Blogger 

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LISAonthego; Worried? Does it Matter?

LISAonthego; Worried? Does it Matter?

(Please read, watch or listen to video below)

LISAonthego; Worried? Does it Matter?

LISAonthego; Worried? Does it Matter?

LISAonthego; Worried? Does it Matter?

Great question! Watched an awesome movie Bridge Spies by Steven Spielberg and this line came up several times. Worried? Does it Matter? LISAonthego has been pondering this and loves this line.
 Worried? Does it Matter? below the text is the video to watch or listen

What is worry? LISAonthego’s interpretation is an event and or a situation that has not occurred yet. In our minds, we imagine the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s the ego having a field day. The upcoming event or situation is being played again and again in our minds. In truth the ego will never have an answer, the ego arrives at these theories or stories and we then change it again and again. It is put to rest when our hearts, the spiritual minds let it go. We think we have control and could control an outcome and we can’t? In a matter of fact, how often in your life does the outcome come out as you imagined?

Do your Thoughts Play out the Way you think it could?

LISAonthego’s ego mind rarely goes the way she thinks, things happen that she never had anticipated and shows her another way of seeing life. Being on the path is teaching LISAonthego to live in the moment and embracing life. Watching the movie; seeing this question; Worried? Does it Matter? and the answer played out Worried? Does it Matter? This teaches us we don’t know. There was no way to know the outcome or anticipate it, regardless what and where our ego minds take us. They are variables that come into play every day that we aren’t aware of that could make a difference.

LISAonthego would say our emotions, create our thoughts, our thoughts create a manifestation that energizes into a reality, therefore she suggests be positive, clear, detailed and knows it will most likely be something different. You will know; when you will know and not a moment sooner.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego with Spiritualfitnessonthego

by LISAonthego Blog, copyright 2015,

Wellness & Preventive,

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Lists Work? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Lists Work? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

(read, watch or listen LISAonthego BLOGGER)

Lists Work? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Lists Work? LisaOnTheGo Blogger


LisaOnTheGo is working on lists work by watching two friends, friend A and friend B. This has been interesting and educational. They’re positive, determined and know what they want. They have the emotion, the thoughts and put it out to manifest. Both have lists of what they want to bring into their lives. One is about clients and more specifically the type of clients she wants and the other is about having a relationship.

Friend A started her list approximately 2.5 years ago. Could you believe within a few weeks she had a job offer with most of her wants on the list? Yes, she took the job and loved it. Then 1.5 years later the lay offs came for her department. She didn’t forget about her list, in a matter of fact, she has been updating and upgrading during this time, she wants to expand and do more. With the list in hand and focused the next job came within days and lasted a few months due to budgeting issues.

That’s okay LisaOnTheGo is watching the positive attitude and the person transform into what she thinks she wants.

In her list she had been adding to expand. (She would like more excess in her monthly supply, public speaking engagements and workshops on a national basis and writing for one-company vs several). Recently the people in her life are coming into play for her to do this, this is amazing watching her grow, transition and transform. Yes she has her meltdowns during the layoffs however soon after she brushes it off and starts again.

LisaOnTheGo is amazed how each next step comes easier, quicker and with grace. What LisaOnTheGo is learning from friend A, is to be who you want to be, stay positive and in the moment. Then watch your life give you back what you exactly asked for. Is it truly what you wanted? Friend A says yes then she goes back to her list and updates, upgrades it again to be more specific, detailed to the nth so she will have it all.

Friend B wants a relationship. She has her list. Boyfriend 1 had most of her items on the list and fell short. Boyfriend 2 appeared, yes appeared to have everything on her list. Looked like it was going well and againLisaOnTheGo is in the wow factor; how these lists are coming to fruition. Friend B was having a great time and now dating almost four months; he broke it off this past weekend. What? really, why? LisaOnTheGo spoke to Friend B last night. 

LisaOnTheGo's L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) the situation, LisaOnTheGo's judgment, and interpretation. Label, identify and describe the emotion. LABEL, Lost IDENTIFY stuck emotionally in the mud, the mud is comfortable DESCRIBE THE EMOTION – he could walk the talk but couldn’t walk the walk. Friend B has chosen the spiritual path to heal by performing the Path to Heal and to use oils. Friend B has gone back to her list and updating and upgrading. Now knows to change her list to a lifelong relationship. 

LisaOnTheGo's is learning from her friends and what she wants in her life. She is working with Joanna on the Path to Heal with fascinating results and learning about and applying oils.

In conclusion, LisaOnTheGo; List Work. It is a work in progress and these lists works and is invaluable. You get to know you, what you want and to move forward more quickly. These lists, design you and get patched along the way.LisaOnTheGo is ready to start her list on and on her life called; Designed by Me and Perfect! How about starting your list today?

You don’t know where to start, what to say or how to proceed, let’s do this together. LisaOnTheGo will start a workshop or provide some questions to help with our lists.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

by LISAonthego Blog, copyright 2016,


#LisaOnTheGo; Would You Be Your Friend?

LisaOnTheGo; Would You Be Your Friend?

#LisaOnTheGo; would you be your friend?

#LisaOnTheGo; would you be your friend?

LISAonthego Blog about You & for You, #Wellness & Preventive

Learn about You & U, Be the best You or U, ewe could be,

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Me Time? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Me Time? LisaOnTheGo Blog

Me TimeMe Time, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Me Time, LisaOnTheGo Blog

Me Time? LisaOnTheGo Blog. What have you done for you recently?

#LisaOnTheGo Blog. She has been working diligently on Spiritualfitnessonthego and burning out. It was suggested to do something for herself. LisaOnTheGo thought about the suggestion and heard of a painting class, one night for 2.5 hours.

LisaOnTheGo said she could do this and signed up. She set the time for a business appointment. Then scheduled herself for her to go. It all came together and LisaOnTheGo went to the class. She has not painted in years and as a teenager, this was a  favorite activity for hers. It was a fun class; she loves trees and surprised herself at how she loves her painting.

It was a great lesson in having me time. LisaOnTheGo does what has to be done and not enough time set aside for what she wants/like to do. It is time to make me time on a weekly basis, and find something she likes/loves to do.

Learning about you.

Learning about you and what you love and like to do could feel like a chore. It's not easy and yet it's important to do something that makes your heart sing. Life could be like work. What you have to do? Going to your job, cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, raising children and the list goes on. We all need me time, to help us grow, to learn what we like or not like and to take time for us.

Sounds easy, it’s learning who you are and what you enjoy to do. What makes your heart sing?LisaOnTheGo attends some spiritual activities to continue growing and learning. However, this me time was just me, no thinking, just being and in the zone. It’s a great balance learning about what she likes and enjoys. What do you have fun doing for you?

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

by #LISAonthego with, #Wellness & #Preventive, #yoga, #meditation, #inspirational #talks #quotes, #acim


Me time could be done anytime during the year. Me time could be A New Years ambition. LisaOnTheGo will sit down and go within to learn what will make her heart sing for her. It's about her, learning and growing who she is as a person, an individual. LisaOnTheGo would like to be more creative, write more, shape up by walking, yoga, meditation, being with people and learning new things. Life will always have curveballs, stop us in our tracks and it's us to push through these times by focusing on what works for us in our lives.

This starts with the process of our thoughts and taking an action. The rest falls into place. 



You See What You See or what you think you see LisaOnTheGo Blog

You See What You See or what you think you see LisaOnTheGo Blog 

You See What You See or what you think you see LisaOnTheGo Blog

You See What You See or what you think you see LisaOnTheGo Blog

(come read, watch or listen)

You See What You See or what you think you see LisaOnTheGo Blog. Mr. Tucker (dog) loves the car, however, it is annoying taking Mr. Tucker in the car. Why? Because he could bark loudly at what he sees or thinks he sees. Mr. Tucker’s car ride is teaching LisaOnTheGo that we see what we see or what we think we see. Mr. Tucker could be looking at the window and he sees a person walking their dog. Mr. Tucker gets so excited he starts barking, talking and jumping around loudly, and yes annoying.

Mr. Tucker is the epiphany in what you see is what you think you see. We could also be driving along like this morning and he is looking at the window at where he wants to look. LisaOnTheGo sees a person and a dog walking and she says in her mind here we go. Mr.Tucker is going to start barking, jumping around and being obnoxious. We approach and past this person and dog and, wow, Mr. Tucker has no reaction. What? Really? He is looking at the window, you could see his eyes looking at the surroundings and he is looking in the direction of the person and dog and does not see them.

Mr. Tucker only sees what he sees or what he thinks he sees

This has LisaOnTheGo contemplating what she thinks she sees in a day of living. She thinks she sees things that she interprets to be the truth, however, are we so narrow-minded? Are we like Mr. Tucker riding in the car and see what we think we see? Do we think we are so right in our thinking because we see what we see? What do we miss? What are we not seeing?

An aahh moment for LisaOnTheGo, she thinks she is so right and now saying to herself, oh my, what did she not see? Her mind, her ego mind is on the merry-go-round, trying to rationalize this, showing her all the points at how she is right, replaying her thoughts and yet she knows this is not the answer to anything because she is seeing or what she thinks she is seeing and not knowing what she is missing.

The truth is to be quiet, quiet the mind because it doesn’t know to be still and listen to your inner voice, the heart voice. This is the truth for her thinking what she saw or even seeing it. It is learning that she is seeing what she thinks she saw and what resonates with her. To recognize, understand and contemplate like Mr. Tucker we don’t see the whole picture.

It doesn’t matter whether we see or not see; it matters on what we do with the information; the choices that will give us peace, point us in a direction that is healthy and good for us; getting off that merry-go-round.

It's learning to stop making judgments or interpretations because we don't see everything. Mr. Tucker is looking out the window in the direction of the dog and person and doesn't see them. How much as people do we miss in a moment?

In conclusion, we see what we see and that is what we think we see and to understand we don't see it all at every moment.

Have a great day.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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New Year Ambitions 2018

New Year Ambitions 

New Year Ambitions

New Year Ambitions

Resolution = The acts of resolving or determining upon an action in motion.

Intention = Purpose or attitude toward the effect of one's actions or conduct.

Goals = The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

Ambition = An earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, and the willingness to strive for its attainment.

LisaOnTheGo Ambitions.

Resolution = The act of resolving or determining an action. This won’t help with moving forwards for the New Years. This is resolving, fixing on an action in motion.

Intention = The act of a reaction or response to another’s action or conduct. This is blaming, doesn’t work for LisaOnTheGo.

Goals are the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end; this is stating the goal is done and accomplished. Goals are done and not allowing the anew.

Ambition is an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, and the willingness to strive for its attainment. Now, this resonates withLisaOnTheGo's and her New Years Ambitions!

New Year Ambitionq


Love it! New Years Ambitions for LisaOnTheGo. What she would like to continue and bring into her life. Life happens even with the best desires. Her ambitions could and more than likely will alter. Ambitions are flexible and could go with life as it happens and could change to accommodate her life choices. LisaOnTheGo writes her list to manifest, she needs to be clear and specific what she wants in her life.

LisaOnTheGo A

ambition List 


#1 Ambition to forgive herself, for not knowing, seeing or understanding life. #2 To receive and give, love, laughter & peace to herself and other. #3 Shape-up. #4 Successful in her career.  #5 Gratty, Appy list (gratitude and appreciation list every 3-4 months) and her list go on. How about you?

What are your AMBITIONS for 2017?

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

Discussion, understanding, understood LisaOnTheGo

(come read, watch or listen below to the video)

LisaOnTheGo what is being understood or understanding someone?

They have been times in her life she has been misquoted or misunderstood. LisaOnTheGo feels she is different than most, more sensitive and is an out-of-the-box thinker. She thinks everyone could understand her. Only to find out, that no, the other person took it out of context, gave it there own meaning or didn't understand at all. She is learning to stop herself and truly look at the other person, facial expressions to see if they understood or ask questions.

LisaOnTheGo thinks everyone thinks like her and interprets things the same way. As you know, with life experience you learn this isn't true. Recently, at a meeting, LisaOnTheGo met and was talking to a career coach about Spiritualfitnessonthego. The ins and outs of the business, the website and then LisaOnTheGo recognized that look. She assumed this person understood the basics of how a website works and videos on a website. In addition, to LisaOnTheGo  Blogs, the importance of social media, and website needs.

After a few minutes, she recognized that look and nope the person, a career coach saying they understood websites, in fact, didn’t understand. The upsetting factor for LisaOnTheGo was why they went along, pretended to know by acknowledging and nodding. LisaOnTheGo unbeknownst to them changed subjects.

Life experience has taught LisaOnTheGo to be clear and specific.  Whether to understand others or others to understand her. It is then a choice for herself and others to decide whether to continue the conversation or not.

LisaOnTheGo says if people understood you, not accept what you are saying but understood you this is effective communication.

LisaOnTheGo could say she understood the discussion and doesn’t accept it, is a validation for others. This is communicating at its best.

Being acknowledged and validated LisaOnTheGo feels is what most people are looking for in a conversation. This is communicating.

Next time you are having a discussion with someone try validating, acknowledging the other person and see how it feels. First for you then truly look at the other person and how it feels for them.

LisaOnTheGo says it feels great to be understood.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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