LisaOnTheGo Blogger – Food vs Taste

LISAonthego Blogger - Food vs Taste

LISAonthego Food vs Taste – Do you eat for the taste or to fulfill the feeling in the stomach? Is it hunger you experience or the taste you require?

LisaOnTheGo has worked at shaping up and changing her eating habits in the past year. During a conversation with a friend, why do you eat? Are you hungry? Wanting a taste or mouthful of flavor? Wanting the feeling of fullness? Filling the hunger clue from your system?LisaOnTheGo had contemplated this, wow, she has not heard of anyone talking about these subjects. She is concluding though what you eat could play a role in your weight however overall it’s about your reasons for that next bite or meal or snack.

LISAonthego Blogger - Food vs Taste

LISAonthego Blogger - Food vs Taste


We are used to instant gratification. When eating, having or expecting that taste in our mouths and when it doesn’t occur we go back for more and more until slowly that taste has been acquired or we change the food or eat our next meal sooner.

So is it about the hunger, stomach fullness or the taste in our mouths? For LisaOnTheGo today it is about the moment of how she is feeling, does she want that comfort food? A quick meal so the hunger doesn’t kick in? Something sweet; tasty and fun? She believes the emotion you are feeling affects your choice in what you would like to eat; wanting that instant gratification. However, having the satisfying taste may not fulfill the hunger or stomach desires and vice a versa.

Review your food choices and write down the meals that are healthy and fulfilling to you.

You don’t like your choices or one fulfills taste and not the stomach, starts choosing different foods and notices what is well balanced for you. When we eat that is fulfilling to our taste and stomachs we are in balance, grounded, better moods, feel good about ourselves and move forward with our days of love, laughter, and peace.

Have a great day! LisaOnTheGo

Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger


Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

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Are you Rigid? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

LisaOnTheGo's Definition of Rigid – Not being flexible, refusing to change or adapt to other ways. In retrospect, the attitude is “I am so right”.!

They're some rigid schedules for classes, transportation etc. to run smoothly and give flexibility for you to choose.

Regardless of the events, circumstances or situation the more rigid or intenseness that are present the more flexible we could be. This gives balance to our lives, being grounded. 

Are you being Rigid?

Here is an example: You’re in an exercise program (year-round) that could be taken anywhere, however they are on a timed schedule. Now you are on vacation and the timed program is at the time of a dinner reservation.

What do you do? Rigid vs Flexibility

Rigid? Everyone else is asked to follow your pattern, change the reservation and time, even the restaurant if they can’t accommodate you. Others do this too to keep the peace. You think you are at your peace since you received what you wanted, at your time, on your schedule.

In truth, this is being rigid and an ego gratification.

Flexibility could be canceled/postpone/reschedule the class. LISAonthego gets it, it’s being in a routine, important for your health. You could choose another comparable physical activity for the day. That could be done on your time, when it works for everyone, including you. This keeps peace with everyone and most importantly you and loving you. Also, you kept to the commitment for you on exercising.

Flexibility could be having gratitude, appreciation and respecting others where you are and whom you are with. Choose another other option for your program for that day. LISAonthego says come online participate in a yoga class with yourself or with your vacation friends at Spiritualfitnessonthego. You're getting your physical activity. Not alone and wow the bonding, fun moments that brings to people and vacations.

Flexibility brings creativity, fun and positive energy, Rigidness brings resentment, entitlement, and negative energies.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego


#Are you Rigid? Come learn some of the differences between being rigid and flexible? Does either work well, why or why not. Come read, listen, watch today's blog.

# “I am so right”.! 

Anger Helpful? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

SpiritualFitnessOnTheGo & LisaOnTheGo Blogger & Products

Anger Helpful? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Anger ReactionWhat does anger get you? Do you get to be right? Do you get to speak your thoughts loudly so others hear you? Do you keep your anger in, not express it and feel ill? Do you feel on fire? Here is another question; what angers you? A should have, should of, should have been; something said to you; an action you didn’t approve? Someone else telling you, you are wrong, laughing at you when it is something meaningful to you, taking something that is yours? In your anger did you react, react haphazardly and then feeling bad, guilt, negative emotions.


We all have experienced anger; then look back at our reactions, emotions, thought process and take the time to analyze what just happened. The end results it all looks negative right? Wrong, let's look at this positively.

Anger is a natural reaction, in your opinion a situation not going right and it’s a way of communicating your resentment, injustice etc.

LisaOnTheGo feels that anger brings the importance of the subject or situation for you and this matters to you. It is a signal for something to change. When you and others see your emotions and understand it matters to you; this is when most situations, subjects could start getting resolved. When you calm down then communication could begin; people are heard and understood to make a change.

What If others are not willing to communicate and resolve the subject or situation that you find is important to you, what could you do? Learn to love and accept you for who you are and not what others think. LisaOnTheGo says you could understand the importance of the subject or situation for you and walk away, don't put yourself in that position again etc. Let's hear from you. Have a great day!

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo or

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Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger

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Stories, LisaOnTheGo Blogger. LisaOnTheGo is so good at telling stories in her mind. You know the continuous stories with all the glories and emotions.

How about you? It happens to all of us it is the nature of the mind. Stories are stories they tell the events of an occurrence and it doesn’t resolve anything. The stories continue in our minds with; they said, I said, he said, she said and what if I did xyz. You tell the story again and again in your mind on all the angles. However, this keeps the story alive, a story has energy and the next thing you know a different story occurs with the same issue and again. Why because the now the story has power.

Our stories occur at different times, no rhymes, no reason, it just happens.

We aren’t even aware until months or even years later when we have had enough and take the time to sit quietly and go within. Then at this point starts the healing process start and we start taking the power back.

We L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) this situation, comment or event to find our peace.

Take that story occurring in your life right now. Label it, identify it, describe the emotion and let it go. This is you taking your power back and understanding for you the story. Lets do this together. Take the story you could keep telling yourself and go to the charts below. Choose the chart that resonates for you for this L.I.D.E. Now label your story, now identify it, and now describe the emotion. Now you understand what this story means to you, you now have the power over the story and not the story having power over you. This works amazingly well and helps to bring peace into your life.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo    

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Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

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Now looking back this is so true for Winnie the Pooh and the gang.

The gang knew and loves Eeyore for who he is. They always included him; yet have no expectations of him changing and accept Eeyore for who he is.

Wow, to be truly accepted for who you are, what could that look like? #LISAonthego has met people they tell stories, hide things for being in fear of other judgments. What if we allowed people to see our genuine selves? Who we are, our authentic selves: loving, kind, caring, supportive, smiley, giggly, has fun etc and in addition to what we are how; we dress, makeup, clothes, jobs etc. People to know us, understand us for who we are. LisaOnTheGo calls this being at peace and surrounded by love.

Do you have an Eeyore in your life?

We could learn how to motivate them. Most of the gang is upbeat, energized and fun. It appears they allow Eeyore to voice his concerns, understand where he is coming from, appreciates and acknowledges him. However when the friends carefully, gently explain the benefits in what they are doing, most do conform. This is awesome for Eeyore he is understood, loved and included. Acceptance of who and what he is!


We could all be so lucky! Have a great day. LisaOnTheGo

by LISAonthego Blog, copyright 2016,

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Loved this Article Experiences vs Things LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Loved this Article Experiences vs Things LisaOnTheGo Blogger  This article is by Berkeley University of California Wellness
Today's blog is feedback on this inspiring article. Read the article first, you will find interesting, informative and detailed. Would love your feedback too.

LisaOnTheGo Blogger had a huge lesson today. She had never thought of experiences vs things and saw this article This gave some concrete definitions experiences vs things along with graphs.

LisaOnTheGo is digesting the first part of the picture. 50% is genetics what you are born with pertaining to your happiness, interesting. LisaOnTheGo wants to go within with this concept because of all her tools and activities she uses from Spiritualfitnessonthego has changed that the % could change too. Also, some of the other numbers don't resonate either and would love to learn more.

Read, watch or listen for the rest of this blog at 

Berkeley University of California Wellness










Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Out There? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

(come read, watch or listen)

Nothing in our life for us to learn is out there.

LisaOnTheGo always wants to think the answers are out there and that everyone else has better answers or the knows the answers. The experts, professionals, friends, family, bosses etc. and in truth, it's not true.

Did you ever notice how people show up in your life? They come for a reason, a season or a lifetime?

The people in our lives play important roles too, they ultimately teach us about us. You are now with another person in a situation, comment, or event by engaging; we are learning about our beliefs, who we are and ourselves.

LisaOnTheGo is learning that by engaging helps us to understand ourselves, or have that AAHH moment where it clicks you get the understanding for you.

In truth, no one could make us think a specific way, act a specific way, be a specific way, they could try to persuade us and ultimately it is our choice. LisaOnTheGo feels this is the huge difference from childhood to adulthood, as a child we perceive our parents, authority etc. could have these choices for us and as an adult, we learn it is us that have these choices. It is for us to learn about us, what we think, what we have a thought about and we could change. Our thinking and thoughts are to be who we want to be.

However, our everyday engagements in our everyday life give us the feedback for us to contemplate, process and to move forward in our life. The engagements help to teach us and show us what we want to know or who we want to be.

Ultimately though all of the answers for ourselves are within ourselves. It's taking the pause in our lives, going within and learning what resonates for us. It's listening to our spiritual heart and following our paths for us.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo



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Momentum LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Momentum LisaOnTheGo Blogger                                         



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Momentum LisaOnTheGo Blogger.

Momentum is what has #LisaOnTheGo go. It's like a roller-coaster with the ups and downs. Did you ever notice when you are in the zone, focused and with all your energy that life flows easier? It's being in the moment and it just works. Then in the next moment, you are not in the zone, life appears more difficult and next you know you are at the bottom of the roller coaster.

Just like that the ups and downs of life.

It's not good nor bad; it just is. These ups and downs are the flow of life. The down times are the times to go within, learn, change and the up times are reaping the rewards from the work we had done. When we are coasting in life, life is good. We are at the moment of the ups and downs of life and it is working with us. Wow,LisaOnTheGo has been on this flow and has been on the bottom of the ride. She has been reflecting, going within in; what is next? And just like that, she has a thought and it is the inner push, the inner force that starts that uphill motion and the momentum starts going.

LisaOnTheGo momentum is learning to coast more in life with the little bumps and hiccups and not the huge strive of the ride going up and down. By doing the activities and tools on and working on it daily it keeps her coasting. Recognizing what is important and where she wants to go. She loves the professional experts on the website that reinforces her life path. The websites momentum of her daily work has her reading, re-reading, watching and listening to the expert professionals daily.

LisaOnTheGo is letting you know you make an effect on her life. She is thankful and appreciative for your time and professionalism. Come join today and impact your life today with

Lol, love this play on the word of momentum = Moment – um. UM, are you on your way up or down the rollercoaster ride in your life?

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

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Changing the Future? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Changing the Future? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

(YouTube video below blog)

Changing the Future? LisaOnTheGo

Changing the Future? LisaOnTheGo

All we really have is today and today could change the future.

How? Our actions in the past bring us to this moment we are in now. In the moment; we have choices. These choices will affect our future. Therefore the past, present, and future exist as one.

LisaOnTheGo is processing her family dynamics in her life and as time moves, the past appears farther away. It seems easier to look at her past and acknowledge things that were painful or she didn’t understand. In this momentLisaOnTheGo is feeling and seeing what has been unpleasant in her interpretation and forgiving her family. By forgiving LisaOnTheGo means to surrender and L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) ( her experiences.

LisaOnTheGo has choices, forgives and let's go. She chooses to change her actions to respond, where yesterday she would react. By responding gives her the power to make a change that works for her. When you truly forgive others and yourself it is natural for things to change that is best for you. This feels awesome.

LisaOnTheGo kept doing the same thing, reacting and wanting things to change and it didn't until her actions changed.

LisaOnTheGo taking the action of forgiveness of her and others now this is a big change. Yesterday she reacted, today she is responding and tomorrow in her future she is in peace and doing what is best for her. Tomorrow could be not interacting or interacting more or less or setting boundaries or life has taken her on a different path for her.

What you do today in this moment does affect your tomorrow. What are you choosing for you?

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo



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PRICELESS LisaOnTheGo Blogger

PRICELESS 2 LisaOnTheGo Blogger

PRICELESS LisaOnTheGo Blogger

PRICELESS LisaOnTheGo Blogger

The photo quote "I am so glad friends don't come with a price tag" "I could never afford the wonderful friends I got" was on Facebook.

This had LisaOnTheGo thinking. Her thoughts, what do we pay for that we need aside from the survival needs? Buying things are nice, it’s materialistic, makes life easier.

However, the things that are not bought are priceless for LisaOnTheGo.

The way how someone makes you feel, says something nice, gives a hug, smile, giggle or a laugh, a talk, a walk or a swim, being at a lake, mountains or ocean and having fun. This is priceless and memorable.

Then there times when life throws the curve balls, trips us up in life. These are the times when these moments, life events come back to our mind and put a smile on LisaOnTheGo's face and give her the strength to move forward. To all her wonderful, fabulous family; friends and acquaintances thank you for being priceless and in LisaOnTheGo's life.

The other part to this is you, yes you, don’t know what a moment means to someone else.

You know how you get together with people you talk about an event or situation where you are all present and yet we all remember something different or a different perception. So, when you are in someone's company you don’t know what that times mean or that event, situation or comment and how it will affect, impact, embrace or encourage another life or your own; and later on this could put a smile on your face.

In conclusion, the things, moments, people in our lives that don’t cost us anything is priceless to LisaOnTheGo.

Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, #LISAonthego


by LISAonthego Blogger, copyright 2016,

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PRICELESS LisaOnTheGo Blogger

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